Everyone’s Back Home Once Again.

Have you ever had a loved one go away for a few months?  Have you ever known the fear of:  what if they never come back?  What would your life be like?  How would you go on with your life as usual?  My son was gone for four months and it wasn’t easy.  I eased the pain by not focusing on it.  I eased the pain by writing letters to him, or hearing his voice on the phone, or chatting on Facebook.  It lessened the loneliness; sure.  But all the letters, calls, and chats did nothing to completely erase the ache in a mother’s heart of not having her family complete.

And forget about the holidays.  Thanksgiving wasn’t all that much fun.  Yes, I still had much to be thankful for, but the day didn’t have the same feel to it that it normally did.  There was someone missing from the table.  Missing them so badly in fact that we didn’t even sit at a table for dinner but in the living room, watching t.v. to bide our time.  Bide our time until we saw him again.  My younger son.

Now, we are a complete family unit once again.  And this is one happy mama.  To be able to hug him, and talk to  him face to face again, to see him, to hear his voice and his laughter.  It is a blessing to behold.  And then it reminds me of all those out there in the world that do not have that opportunity to hug their loved ones.  Those who won’t be home for the holiday, or ever again.  That’s what frightens me.  How would I deal with that if that ever happened to me?  To my family?

I truly cannot fathom that emotion since I’ve never been through it.  And quite honestly I never want to have to go through that ordeal.  To those who have had that baptism by fire, I am truly sorry for your loss.  I can never fully grasp the grief and heartache that you must live with each and every day.  May you find peace.  May you find comfort.  My prayers go with you.


6 thoughts on “Everyone’s Back Home Once Again.

  1. Your message is so heartfelt. My oldest daughter married and eventually moved to California (we live in the DFW area of Texas). I was so lonely for her hugs and kisses, but I was also extremely thankful that she has a good head on her shoulder. Her husband’s family have taken her within their fold, treating her as sincerely as if she was born within their family from the get-go. I won big time too! My son-in-law is hardworking, thoughtful and dedicated to his profession as a state trooper.

    I don’t FB, but my daughter and I will text or call at least once a week. Initially it was every day or so, but after seven years of marriage she has carved her niche into the community. I miss those calls that once were much more numerous, but I celebrate that her life is filled with a life loose of my apron strings. Her maturity, resilience and dedication to her new family are what a mother dreams for. One day I will no longer be here, but I know that she will be lifted up and supported thru her loss of me by very loving and caring family and friends.

    Thank you for following my blog. You will see me writing more during the winter months, my garden and travel adventures keep me away during the summer months.

    1. Thank you for reading my post. Our children are such a blessing and bring us such joy. I hope that you are enjoying your summer. I also do some gardening.

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