A Big “Thank You” for Following This Blog

This is short and sweet.  I don’t always get the chance to say “thank you” when someone follows my blog.  I am appreciative of readers taking time to read my posts.  As a writer, just being able to get work out there for the public to read is exciting and rewarding, if only emotionally.  Thank you, dear readers, for being a part of this blog.  If you have any suggestions on how to make this blog better, please let me know.


To Say “Thank You”

It’s about 5:30 in the morning, and I’m just about ready to grab my morning cup of (weak) coffee.  Add a little Truvia and some vanilla almond milk and I’m good to go.  Funny how a few years back I couldn’t even stomach the stuff and now I drink  it on a daily basis.  Green tea works well too, at least for me.  I wrote out a food menu yesterday for today.  I have the hardest time trying to break up my calories for the day and wind up going over.  Last week I lot five pounds and now this week, nothing so far.  As a woman, I am almost infuriated by my body’s lack of losing ability.  I work out and count calories and still, nothing.  Oh well, I guess that just means work out a little bit harder and longer.

But enough about that.  What I wanted to say this morning was a plain and simple “thank you.”  I wanted to thank those who read my posts whenever I get my lazy butt around to posting them here on my blog.  I’ve wanted to be a writer since the fourth grade and that was many, many decades age.  Okay, I’ll be fifty this year so perhaps it’s not so many decades.  I guess it all depends on how old you are.  But I am humbled by your reading of my blog.  It is heartening to see those who like what they read.  And isn’t that the goal of every writer, to want what you have written to be enjoyed?  Sometimes what is written is not about a pleasant top; like, death for instance.  No one wants to think about dying or about their loved ones dying, but it i a fact of live that we must all face someday.  Many times it is humorous, and who doesn’t like to read something that makes them happy, and laugh?

So again, I may not be very informative in my creative writing, but I do aim to entertain, to enlighten, perhaps even to make you think.  I do put in a lot of thought about God and family.  I had a recent death in the family which was very difficult and painful for me and my family.  When you witness someone die it is something that will remain with you forever.  But I love life, most times when it isn’t frustrating me to the point of near-insanity, and I want to emphasis the shortness of it.  Again, not a pleasant topic to discuss, but a huge part of life.  As you go about your day, take time to read various blogs here on WordPress.  There is such a variety of topics out there, and so many talented writers.  It is also their goal to have you enjoy what you are reading.  For us, writing is in our very blood.  It is as important to fellow writer as the very air that we breathe.

So once more, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And I hope that you will return often to read what I have written, as well as reading other bloggers’ posts.  You never know what you will find out there, or what you may wind up learning; about life and about the world around us.  Blessings and peace on your day.  Until we meet again.

Being Thankful

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, I wanted to be more thankful for the things that I have.  I am so very thankful for my loving and supportive husband.  We have been together for 25 years now and it has only gotten better.  Hopefully for him too.  But I can’t speak for him.  He has made me a better person.  He makes me laugh when I have wanted to cry.  He does amazing voices that make me laugh.(Anyone need a good voice-over actor?)  He urges me to follow my dream to become a published writer.  I am so blessed and thankful for my two sons.  They are healthy, well-educated, and compassionate(well, as compassionate as two teenage boys can be).  I have a roof over my head, a functioning car, work that keeps me happy, and good health.

Now some people may not agree with me on these next ones, but that’s okay.  We all have different opinions, and well we should, but here goes.  I am thankful to all those who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces.  It’s not something they all wanted to do, I’m sure, but they did their tour of duty, or are currently in it.  I am thankful for those families who give their sons and daughters to protect this nation.  I am sure it can’t  be easy being away from their loved ones for that long.  My brother was in the army, during peace times, thankfully; and I saw first hand how difficult it was for my mother.  She was constantly worried that a war would break out and take her beloved and only son away from her.  And she gained a lot of weight due to the stress. Also, she had lost a brother to war and her father when she was still a child.

I am also thankful to all those who are firefighters and police officers.  Being constantly on call has got to be very trying on their emotional well-being and upon their families as well.  Especially with the fact that their lives are on the line whenever they are on duty.  I could never do that job.  Wondering if you’d make it back safely to your family thar night, has got to be beyond stressful.

I am grateful to my mom and dad who raised and loved me.  I saw them as overbearing many times during my teen years, but looking back I understand that they did it out of love and care.  I can now see how tough a job parenting actually is.  And it is a lifetime commitment.  It does not get any easier the older the kids get.  I repeat, it does NOT get any easier.  All you parents out there know what I mean.  But they provided me with clothing, food, shelter, schooling, all the necessities of life.

I am thankful to the few teachers in my life that I believed truly cared about the students and about teaching.  My high school English teacher, Mr. Anderson.  Thank you for taking the time to teach a rowdy bunch of fifteen and sixteen year olds.  It couldn’t have been easy.  He was a fantastic teacher.  I learned.  I advanced.  Thank you to Herr Taylor who made German class fun and a pleasure to come to.  I learned a lot and had a good time all at the same time.

Thank you to my older brother and sister for tormenting me as a child and probably making me a stronger person because of it.  Telling me that the government took out my birthday month, so now I no longer could celebrate my birthday, how cruel.  See what I had to put up with, people?  Older siblings can be so harsh.  Yes.  I love them still and I know that they love me too, their little baby sister.  Though my brother told the doctor a few weeks after I was born that he wanted to send me back because I was no longer wanted.  Imagine, a five year old not wanting his sweet, adorable little sister?  Never mind that I was a pooping, crying, hardly-sleeping, burping machine.  But, hey, I was cute!

So, let’s remember to be thankful, always, to those who love us, and for those who put their lives on the line for us on a daily basis.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  What are you thankful for?