Through the Eyes of an Aspie

Life can be rather interesting if you’re someone living with Aspergers. We see things differently. I am convinced of that. We look at things through a different perspective. I have discovered that I can oftentimes take what someone says quite literally. They can make a joke or say something meant to be ironic and IContinue reading “Through the Eyes of an Aspie”

Surviving 2020

Welcome to the brand new year. Finally…2021. We shut the door on the horrid 2020, drenched in death, financial loss, loneliness, fear, social unrest, and a tumultuous election. Damn. That was a lot of crap we went through, wasn’t it? Unfortunately we must still endure a lot of it, because like the saying goes, ShitContinue reading “Surviving 2020”

Memories of Jamaica, or Part II

My husband and I traveled to Jamaica for our honeymoon back in May of 1990. Planning this trip had both of us eager to experience new adventures, see new lands, bask in the hot sun, and hopefully meet some of the locals. We had agreed on an all-inclusive resort in Port Antonio, with a spicyContinue reading “Memories of Jamaica, or Part II”

What I Remember

So much goes through my mind whenever I look back on my own childhood. No one saw any signs back then, but then again there wasn’t something called Aspergers when I was a growing up.  Yes, there were children who were different; unique in society, and our parents and others pegged us a shy. EasyContinue reading “What I Remember”

Writer/Mother of an Aspie/Aspie Myself(I think) Struggles

That title is a mouthful, I know. For years I didn’t know why I was different from the other children around me; throughout life,whether in school or church or attending my sons’ scout meetings; I knew without a doubt that I never fit in anywhere. Do you know how much crying went on whenever IContinue reading “Writer/Mother of an Aspie/Aspie Myself(I think) Struggles”

Living Life Underneath An Umbrella

I’m going to be brutally honest in this post; some might say crazy; but there are days, like today, that I think about dying.  There are bad days when I wonder whether I am worth anything; if I’m just a waste of space.  But I know that’s a lie.  I know that being an introvertContinue reading “Living Life Underneath An Umbrella”

Mindless Rantings on Life

Are we living in a land of confusion?  When up is down, right is wrong, good is evil; can we ever get right-side up again?  The world is a terrifying place and especially, I imagine, for those who are alone.  When you have to fall asleep by yourself, and when you awake there is noContinue reading “Mindless Rantings on Life”

My Oh My Writers’ Group Experience

Okay, so I did it.  I finally attended my first ever writers’ group.  It was held at my local Barnes and Noble, and we met in the cafe area.  I brought along my daughter-in-law Kayla for moral support(I’m an introvert, so it’s difficult to go to things like this alone).  I was this close toContinue reading “My Oh My Writers’ Group Experience”

Off To A Writers’ Group

I am about to embark on a terrifying journey, to a place most introverts would tremble at doing:  meet new people.  In early August I will be attending my first writers’ group at a local Barnes & Noble and I am petrified!  As an Aspie and an introvert, I figured I’ve got two strikes against meContinue reading “Off To A Writers’ Group”