The People You Miss

This post will be pretty short this week.  I haven’t written anything for over two weeks now and just wanted to share a quick thought with you all.  Do you have anyone in your life that you miss?  I’m not talking about someone you loved who had died, but someone who used to be in your life and now isn’t any longer.

I have such a person.  She is a cousin of mine.  We used to do a lot of fun things together.  Share secrets.  Be each other’s best friend. Hang out.  Talk up a storm.  Just have fun together.  We’re the same age.   My mother and her mother are sisters.  I really miss her to the point of tears.

We also got in trouble together.  One time, we were teens and started smoking.  Back when we were teens we still could buy cigarettes in our neighborhood from a vending machine.  It seemed like a cool thing to do, to us at that age(I think it was sixteen).  But we got busted by our parents and lectured about the dangers of cigarette smoking.  We, of course, let it go in one ear and out the other.

As time went on, we began to drift apart.  She grew up in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, but around seventh or eighth grade her and her family moved out to the Northwest suburbs.  She was quiet and I was still the more outgoing one.  But as time went on, she made other friends and, well, we started living separate lives.  She made a close friend in the area and I had one myself who I’ve known since the sixth grade.

But then we graduated, started dating, and put even more distance between our friendship.  It pained me perhaps more so than it did her.  But I don’t really know.  She fell in love with one of my brother’s friends and I felt alone and abandoned.  Now, they are in Texas and do not wish further contact with any of the family.  And that hurts deeply.  When you had someone in your life that you treasured so dearly and now they no longer wish to know you exist, it tears one up inside.

Okay, that’s my story.  Barb, you have always been my very dearest friend, and I’m sorry we no longer communicate, talk, write, whatever we do nowadays.  It’s been many years but I still feel the sting of your rejection.  But I hope that you’re happy and content with the life you chose and are now living.  Love to you always.



A Little Whining Never Hurt Anyone

I have one heck of a toothache.  Can’t sleep.  Still up while hubby is in bed sound asleep.  I can’t understand why something so small can cause so many big problems.  I know, it probably has something to do with the root and nerves and all that other fun stuff.  Have to wait to see a dentist.  No insurance.  Guess we’ll have to bite the bullet and pay it all ourselves.  Hate to waste the money but can’t handle the pain anymore.  Was in tears already a few times.  Don’t know if I’m just a wuss or if it is that painful.

So I apologize for the complaining.  I’ve prayed for healing but I guess God is telling me to ‘pull that tooth out.’  Hate dentists but I have to admit I’m actually looking forward to getting an appointment to remove this menace in my mouth.  I’m just praying that it won’t break the bank, so to speak.  Pray for me that I won’t be a big baby when I do get my appointment and that the dentist will be able to get it all removed easily.  Because remember, I’m probably just one big wuss when it comes to handling pain.  Thanks for letting me vent.