What I am Learning

Peace, be still. In these times, I am learning many things. My faith has increased dramatically. I have learned to trust in God more. I am more convinced, now more than ever before, that Jesus is the Truth. I am His. I belong to Him. He had shed His blood for me, and for allContinue reading “What I am Learning”

Opposition Rejects

Here is another poem from some years back. With my Aspergers, I feel that I’ve been blessed with the ability to write and I am thankful for that gift. Any comments are truly appreciated. Thank you. Hailed the new Messiah, to you the nations salute; ignoring all the warnings while impressionable minds you pollute. DenigratingContinue reading “Opposition Rejects”

Life Continues

Hi.  How is everyone doing?  Has this become our new normal?  How are you keeping sane?  I’m doing a lot of reading; books, magazines, the Bible, plus watching a lot more television than I would normally view.  I’m also writing more poetry.  I’ve been wondering about magazine publishers.  Are they still reading?  Accepting/rejecting submissions?  TurningContinue reading “Life Continues”

Life in the Age of Fear

Is there freedom from fear?  Yes, in God alone.  Of course, easier said than done, I understand.  We are in this together, and that’s the truth, but do not panic.  This too shall pass one day.  Today I want to write about how this is making me feel and as a writer I want toContinue reading “Life in the Age of Fear”

Essay 7-14-2013

Been going through some old writing recently and wanted to share something I wrote back in 2013, as the title indicates.  I typed it up here mostly as is, just a few minor tweaks.  It seems a bit jumbled, but bear in mind that’s how my thoughts were during that time in my life.  HopeContinue reading “Essay 7-14-2013”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside 

Here we are, a week and a half before Christmas, and it is awfully cold outside.  I am not a winter person.  I don’t ski, sled, skate, or ice fish.  To be honest winter reminds me of death; dark and dismal.  I wake up in the morning, it’s dark.  By late afternoon, it’s dark.  MyContinue reading “Baby, It’s Cold Outside “