When Things Go Bump in the Night

Knock knock. Who’s there? (No one) It is late-October, and the 31st is almost upon us — yes, Halloween. That one day of the year when children can walk bravely around their neighborhoods knocking on strangers’ doors and shout, “Trick or Treat!” The prospect of dressing up in store-bought costumes and receiving candy from strangersContinue reading “When Things Go Bump in the Night”

A New Year, a new you

Throughout the year, amidst the myriad of challenges, we anticipate the winter holidays, and then before we know it, they’re over, leaving us to marvel at where the time went.  And with a whoosh, in rushes the new year.  We determine to make resolutions; promises to ourselves.  Be a better person.  To love others moreContinue reading “A New Year, a new you”

Everyone’s Back Home Once Again.

Have you ever had a loved one go away for a few months?  Have you ever known the fear of:  what if they never come back?  What would your life be like?  How would you go on with your life as usual?  My son was gone for four months and it wasn’t easy.  I easedContinue reading “Everyone’s Back Home Once Again.”