The Trouble with Team Sports

I suck at sports. There, I said it. Now it’s out there in the open for all to read. Well, those who know me personally wouldn’t find this surprising in the least. I am a klutz. I have horrible coordination skills that I’m surprised that I can put one foot in front of the other…okay, that one may be taking it a step too far. But I was that kid in gym class that no one wanted on their team. I could not shoot a basket, make a goal, or bat a ball to save my life. Team sports was right out. Even now. You don’t want to get me started on how awful of a volleyball player I am. Let’s just say, I don’t believe that I’ve gotten the ball over the net…once. So sad.

Yet I write this because as an Aspie we are usually known for our lack of coordination. An aunt told me once that I walked like a truck driver. Not a very flattering comment to give to a young girl, I’d say. As for dancing…I don’t do it because, well it ain’t pretty! Fast dancing or slow, I have the two-left feet syndrome. I was not blessed with good hand-eye coordination so playing a jovial game of tennis with my beloved husband is more of a Monty Python sketch, if anything. And for skiing. Good Lord it was like the ABC sports opener…the agony of defeat. Going downhill once, one ski went to the left, one went to the right and I went tumbling down. I couldn’t even get up with the tow line…and once I was trying to get off the chairlift and wasn’t too graceful getting off of it. Tore a bit of ligament in my knee. Ah, sports. Good thing my parents weren’t sports-minded(well, except for soccer) or I’d be a miserable failure in their eyes.

But let me tell you the sport(s) I believe that I’m good at. Running. I love to run. Maybe because it is a solitary sport that I don’t need to impress anyone but myself. I only compete against myself, trying to push a little bit harder and a little faster each time. I can wave to those passing by but can listen to music, or to my own thoughts, or a little bit of both usually. And running was the only sport that, back in 8th grade, I was actually picked first for a team. Well, the team captain had seen me run before with my cousins who lived across the street from him, so I guess it was a no-brainer for him. But I was so excited and honored to be chosen! And our team came in 3rd place in the entire school. And I even won a second-place ribbon for the 100-yard dash. The pride, the joy,(the humility), to have my name called out in front of the school to receive an award for a sport’s achievement!

Well, let’s just say that I still have those ribbons stashed away to remind me of that wonderful day. And thank you, Ted, for choosing the awkward, quiet girl for your team. I will never forget that gift to my thirteen year-old self. Maybe that’s why I love running so much. It brings with it happy memories of success. Oh, and the other sport I’m pretty good at, by the way, is badminton.


Will the Violence Ever End?

Senseless. Crazy. Sad. Why is there so much violence taking place in this country lately? Where is the compassion for your fellow man? Are we becoming so heartless that we are no longer capable of apathy? Where did it stem from and where is this all heading to?

As a professing Christian, it is quite difficult for me to understand why people need to hate so deeply. In my eyes, all people are of great worth, regardless what other people may think. God does not make junk and He put everyone on this earth for a reason. This is what I believe. Maybe we may not understand or see perfectly what that reason is, but He knows, and that is good enough for me.

I believe that it all starts with the family. Parents – love, and treat your children with respect. Children, as well, respect and honor your Mother and your Father. I understand that not all parents are good parents. This is sad. So, how does a child grow up with compassion in their heart if their own parents treat them poorly, or abusively? Okay, unfortunately I don’t have a cure-all for the world’s ills, only suggestions.

Get some counseling. Don’t keep the anger and the abuse continuing from generation to generation. It needs to end now. We need people to understand that they are loved, and we need to show others this love. No matter how difficult the person. Patience. Compassion. Understanding. Communication. Yes, communication is so important, especially in this computer-age. Face to face connection. Not just an e-mail. But something more personal. More compassionate.

I just believe that it all begins with the family. Be interested in your children’s education. Take interest in what they like. Let them explore the world, safely. Don’t mock them for who they are. Don’t try to make them little carbon-copies of who you are.

Even spend time with them. Don’t buy them off. It doesn’t take a lot to make a child feel appreciated. Tossing a ball around, or playing make-believe tea party; doesn’t cost anything at all. Think about it this way, the best things in life are free: just like the giant box that an expensive toy or an appliance comes in. What does the child want to play with more, usually? The free, empty box, of course! At least my children did.

Okay, I would love to solve our society’s ills. I’d like to pray it away. Love it away, one smile, one person at a time. Talk to people. Don’t just walk on by, like most people normally do. Just say ‘good morning’ or ‘hi’ to people you randomly meet out on the road when you’re running or biking, etc. Even a simple smile or wave is good. It frustrates me when I’m running and trying to be polite, and the person just kind of looks at you like you’re crazy. The smile won’t crack your face, I promise.

Care about others. Take an interest in what other people are doing. Get involved in just causes. It will make your life much more worthwhile. It will fill your life with meaning and with purpose and with hope. Let me know what you believe would make things better in this country. What are your opinions on society’s downhill slide into apathy?

One thing which is nice about walking, for me anyway, is that it gives me time to think and to focus on my creative writing side. I haven’t done a lot of running lately because I have been working more hours. So going for a quick-paced walk is a great way to clear the cobweb from the brain, so to speak. Words and phrases and ideas pop up continually in my brain and I’m often without pen and paper. So the thing to do would be, of course, to bring along said pen and paper. I try to remember the thoughts and story lines that materialize in my brain and sometimes they stick, other times, like a vapor, they disappear quicker than I can lock them down in my memory bank.

But other than the weather being much cooler than normal for mid-August, all is going relatively well. I’ve worked on my writing for the past three days in a row, which is good. Unfortunately I haven’t spent more than an hour at a time each day, and it get me wondering, how do professional writers spend so much time on their writing when there is so many other things crying out to you to accomplish in a day? I have housework, usually 2 hours of working out each day, getting in an hour or so of reading time, work itself, doing computer stuff(social media, etc.), and shopping, etc. How does one fit it all in one day?

I’d like to spend more time at writing, hoping to supplement my family’s income. Perhaps at least 2 to 3 hours a day would be nice. I’ve begun another terrific novel by Karen Robards. Bait, is it’s title, and so far it is very good. There are so many authors out there to explore and I have so many books on my shelf that are begging to be read! How does one find the time?

Life is good, though, so I’m not complaining, just wondering how to be better at organizing my time. How do you do it? How do you fit everything that needs to be done into a single day? I’ve tried getting up earlier or staying up later, but I still feel that I can’t seem to get to it all. Well, at least my desk is messy, and according to research, that makes me a creative person. So I got that going for me, which is nice. Until next time, my friends. Stay safe.

Life As I Know It

Not much going on here. Enjoying the feeling of being fit and firm and waiting to turn 50 in a few weeks. Love the energy and the strength of my ‘new’ body. Younger son is returning to school in a couple of weeks. I’m still busy working days and a couple of nights a week. Totally getting into bike riding and further away from running. Bike riding is much more relaxing to me lately. Our garden is flourishing, just wish we had more red tomatoes on the vine. Lots of jalapeno and Serrano peppers, and bell peppers though.

Finished the book by Lora Leigh, Dangerous Games, that I’ve been reading. Love that author’s writing. I’ve also been trying to read a chapter a day from the Bible. Doing abs first thing in the morning too. Would still like to lose five more pounds if possible. My writing needs a little jump start but I’m enjoying watching and learning about writing from videos on YouTube. Actually taking notes on some of them and liking the knowledge I’m obtaining.

So there you have it, the current update on all that is going on here. Hope that life is going well for you wherever you may be. Stay healthy and stay safe.

Pssst…Guess Who’s Turning Fifty Sometime This Year???????????

I’ve got a secret and it’s a big one!  Well, not really a secret.  But perhaps just one that most women like to keep under wraps.  I’m turning fifty later  in the year.  There.  I’ve said it.  Guess who’s not afraid of mentioning her age?  This girl!  Now I have to warn you never to ask me about my weight, though.  That is one touchy subject.  But I digress.

Let’s move on.  I have a lot of changing around that I’m doing.  Just started hitting the weights again…not heavy but enough to prove that I’m actually lifting something.  It’s something I enjoy doing, just not in the cold.  We work out in our garage and it can get pretty cold  in an unheated garage.  My husband and sons can tough it out, but not me.  I guess the older I get the colder I get.  I want to plan on running a few races come Spring and Summer.  I did a 5K a few years ago and loved it.  Maybe I can try for a 10K or Half marathon this time?

And I have been working on my writing, mostly on a daily basis.  I’m feeling kinda proud of myself.  I’d like to get a few more hours of writing in eventually per day.  I have to be better organized, though.  Less time on the computer looking up stuff and more time working on the old novel.  And short stories.  I got lots and lots of short stories.  And of course, I try to make time to read for at least an hour a day.

Right now I’m looking out the kitchen window and the snow is swirling around in all of its splendid whiteness.  At least I have nowhere to go until later in the week.  It’s beautiful to watch as the snow falls, it’s the driving in it that sucks.  I know.  I’ve been living in the Chicago area for decades and cannot wait to escape to warmer climes.  My husband and I are thinking southwest Tennessee.

But there is so much to taste in life.  It seems like there is not enough time in any given day to do all that I want to do.  That any of us want to do.  I want to do some more baking.  That’s what was on my agenda for today, but unfortunately I didn’t bake anything.  So I guess I’ll have to leave that for tomorrow.  Some more gluten-free bread, gluten-free corn muffins, and whatever else I can find to make gluten-free.

So enjoy your evening.  Hopefully you have your loved ones close by to hug, to hold, to feel safe next to them.  Laugh.  Love.  Be filled with peace.  Have a cup of hot chocolate or tea(that’s what I’ll be doing later).  Relax and take a breather.  To all of you fine men and women out there, know that you are wonderful, special, loved, and wanted.  That you are perfect just the way that you are.  Simply live.  Live simply.  And enjoy the little, quiet moments in your lives.  Hugs.