So You Want to Be A Blogger?

As you already know, I’m not very consistent when it comes to blogging. In the beginning, I had so many ideas and was excited to share anything, and I do mean anything, on it. Since I am not a people-person, it is easy for me to share my thoughts on paper, or on a blog. Something about the flow of thoughts from brain to fingers frees something within me, allowing the extrovert a bit of roaming-time. But there are still times that I’m not sure what to write, or if it even needs to be written, or shared. Will people think I’m weird? Will anyone want to read what I’m writing? Will I have the nerve to share only the easy things in my life, or delve deeper into the painful areas.

Typing out words is so much easier than allowing them the freedom to float out of my mouth. I’m not a talker, unless I know you, and then lucky you, I don’t shut up. Just ask my husband; poor guy. What do I share? Family? Dog? Work? Religion? Writing? My Asperger’s? Working out, and my losing weight? My love of reading? Okay, there you have it, all the thing I enjoy. Well, there are other things, but I won’t go there.

Right now I’m reading, Run the Risk, by Lori Foster. An enjoyable, juicy read. I guess I’ll never outgrow my love of romance novels. It must be that female thing. But I have gotten into thrillers; mostly spy ones. Has anyone read Mark Greaney or Vince Flynn novels? I have a wonderful habit of purchasing most of my books through a thrift shop. I know, it’s not helping the booksellers, but it is a fantastic opportunity to increase my collection, which is about 230 books at present. And those are only the fiction ones. I try to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour reading per day. I believe that good writers are enthusiastic readers. The first books that really got me wanting to be a writer were the works by S.E. Hinton. Also fell in love with To Kill A Mockingbird. An awesome read. Also a great classic, to me, is Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth. So, that’s the reading part of the post.

Now back to my regularly scheduled post, what to write about. There are too many situations in this life that pop up on a daily basis to blog about. Kids get sick. Spouse loses job. Fight with a good friend. Dog gets skunked. This last one happened to us, twice, in the seven years we have our current dog. Or you can discuss serious issues about religion or the state of the nation. I enjoy writing about happy topics. To try and cheer others up. There’s enough sadness and pain floating out there already so why add to it. Alright, before I go off on another tangent, I’m writing about a lot of nothing probably. But it’ll get better, I promise. I’ll keep you all informed of my writing progress and when I submit work for publication. Maybe you can give me moral support, since us writers know how painful a rejection letter is.

Well, that is all for now. I’d like to write something on a weekly basis. I have to be consistent in this. Make time for the things you like, I’ve been told. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Right? Let me know how I can improve this blog. Let me know what you’re currently reading or writing. We can encourage each other. Until next time, happy writing.


The Little Things We Sometimes Take for Granted

In light of the tragedy in OK, or should I say, due to the recent tragedies in this nation, I often like to remind myself of not taking things for granted. It is easy in the busyness of our day to day lives that we tend to overlook the little thing, or take them for granted. Like, kissing your husband or wife goodbye when they or you leave for work in the morning. There are times when we are so rushed that we forget that little thing. Especially if you have had a fight the night before or even that morning, we may tend to shy away from showing our affection. But it is always good to remember that this may be the very last kiss that you give to each other. Or hug. Or tell them that you love them. Just a few short words but ones that hold a lot of power. It would be terrible to not say those words and find out later that the one that you loved was now gone. If only I had more time. If only I would have said I love you one last time. If only. If only.

Making time to spend with our children, especially when they are younger and they want to play dress up, or house, or school. Or they want you to read them that story just one more time. Even though they know it by heart, and you do to. But take that time out of your day. In recent months we see how our children can be taken from us suddenly, painfully. Look at that picture they drew or colored for you. Hug them when they ask for one. Never say, “Later.” You may not have a ‘later’ with them. Tell your child/children every day how much you love and appreciate them. How proud you are of them. And keep that up into the teen-age years when they start to drift away from us, hanging with their friends or spending hours at a time playing video games in their bedroom with their door closed. I’m talking to you, Joshua. Let them know that there are limits and restrictions on what they can and can’t do. You are the parent, always, not them. And yes, we know that teenagers will fight us on that tooth and nail. For you see, they are SO much wiser than we are, or were at their age (of course!) Yes. Love them anyway. Set boundaries and be firm.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to watch the sunrise or set. Especially beautiful over a body of water. I’ve seen it rise over Lake Michigan in Chicago, and it is breathtaking. Or watch for the rainbow after a good rain. Or even going outside after a good, cleansing rain, and just breath in the freshness of the earth around you. Or flower blooming; especially lilacs. Well, at least in my case. A smile from a stranger or a kindness shown you, like a door held for you as you enter a store. Revel in children’s laughter, because we all know that their laughter is of the contagious variety. And yes, even we as adults need to laugh more. Be freer, and not so harsh on ourselves. Love your life. Do not take it for granted. Again, life is short. Sometimes shorter than we hope for. Or the lives of our loved ones. None of us know how many days we have remaining. Not to be morose, but it’s true. That’s why we need to look at each new day as a gift given to us. Beautifully wrapped up in warmth and sunshine, with birds singing outside your window.

Love your pets and don’t take them for granted either. They are a blessing to us also. Mine like to lay at my feet or at least be near me when I’m sitting. He sleeps on our bed, which isn’t always pleasant when you have an 80 pound dog on a Queen-size bed with two people already sleeping on it. But he is so full of unconditional love. Those big brown eyes melt even the hardest heart, at least I believe that they can. And last but not least, again, be good to yourself. Take care of your health because we all know that you are the only you that you’ve got. Eat as healthily as you possibly can. Yes. Splurge once in a while. Ice cream or pizza works for me. But find an exercise routine that works for you and try to do it at least three times a week. I’ve finally discovered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and it is good. Watch some good comedy and LAUGH. It does a body good. Journal if you must to help stave off the feelings of frustration and anger and bouts of hopelessness. Life is not hopeless. We are all here for a purpose. Don’t be dismayed if you haven’t discovered it yet. You have one, trust me on this.

Each day has 24 hours in it. Make the most out of that time to be the best you that you can be. Love and be loved. Don’t spend a lot of time wallowing in depression. Set a time and then be done with it. Think, it will get better. This too shall pass. Life is not bleak. There is a light, a beautiful light, at the end of this all. Be blessed, dear friends, and be happy.