What’s New?

Just wanted to give an update on how things are going in my life. With the warmer weather here, I am getting back into running outdoors and it feels great! Haven’t been able to go too far yet but I am intending to get back to my 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 mile run hopefully by mid-June. I’ll also be signing up for a few races this running season also. Did one about four years ago and loved it. Now that I’ve lost 17 lbs. so far and have about 10 to go, I have a lot more confidence. I’ve been studying fitness models’ sites and reading a lot of fitness motivation. Need to work on my sagging abs, but at almost 50 years old I guess I have to be thankful for what I can make of them.

As for the gluten-free, I’ve gone back to eating regular pizza – Home Run Inn’s Ultra Thin Frozen Pizza doesn’t seem to give me any problems. I’m still staying away from anything else bread-y. As for lactose-free, still nothing with that. No High-Fructose for me or my family. Regardless of what the media portrays it as, I still believe it is not good for you. I’m doing the as-close-to-natural-as-possible make-up, Lemongrass Spa Products. Wonderful items. Look them up, if you are interested. As for weight-training, I’m doing well in that category also. Lifting four days a week and finally seeing some definite results. It’s pretty sweet.

As for the Asperger’s. I have come to a peaceful place and an understanding of this is who I am. I am happier now. More content. To finally understand why I am the way that I am is enlightening. I now feel that I can spend my energy and time on doing the things that need to get done, like getting into shape finally. And for reading and writing: I am enjoying some very good books; thrillers mostly and some romance. Writing is going well. Still need to send off for some magazine samples. Just need to find the right ones to spend the money on. I have so many stories going on at ones that at times I am a bit overwhelmed. But that could be part of the Asperger’s.

Gardening season is fast approaching. Will be planting again this year after letting the ground sit and rest last summer. Now comes the fun part of deciding what to grow. We’ll be getting plants so they’ll be easier to grow. Hopefully the weather this summer will be a good mix of rain and sun. Love fresh tomatoes. Okay, and I’ll be getting my hair cut soon also. Trying to decide on a new style, though. Something different to celebrate my approaching 50’th. Will be coloring it red again. Love that color. Not a bright red, but a subtle shade, but definitely red.

Okay, that is what’s going on my end of the world this beautiful May day. Blessings and love to all. If you have any suggestions for any of the above you’d like to share: gardening tips, favorite books, etc. please let me know. Til next time.


Just Another Cold Day

Okay, so I’ve been a bit lax in posting once a week, but time seems to get away from me. Why? I have no idea. Life is good. I’ve already lost 5 lb. on my new resolve to get into shape. To fit in a bikini by summer. Shooting for June 1st. Getting better at the gluten-free and lactose-free eating. Baked some gluten-free bread. Not bad but I do think I put in too much baking powder. But I’ll get better as I learn to bake the new way. It’ been really nasty cold out here in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. We got spoiled with unseasonable temps in the low to mid fifties. I’d look those back now, please. And could you hurry that up! Thank you. I’ve been writing every day for an hour, while at least since last Friday. But I’m now consistent. I’m working on a novel. My first. It’s a romance about a widow and her two young daughters having to move back to the hometown in which she was raised and all the fun stuff that living there entails. At least she gets along with with her widowed mother. So that’s a plus.

I’ve come to appreciate doing Step Aerobics. Gin Miller’s Reebok one is one that I really enjoy. So I also am counting calories which can be a huge pain. I usually keep up with that for maybe a month and then get bored with it. I need to keep with it because it’s one thing that really seems to work for me. But other than that, I, along with my family, are doing well. I’m having a blast with social media: Twitter, Facebook…keeps me energized for some strange reason. And no. I am not jealous of my FB friends’ lives. I am rather happy for them whenever something good happens. More power to them, I’d say. But let’s see: reading The Gray Man by Mark Greaney currently. Recently finished the second book in the series: On Target. If you love to read thrillers, I highly recommend reading his work, along with another new favorite of mine: Vince Flynn.

I’ve been having a lot of fun purchasing used paperbacks at our local thrift store. 79 cents and a new world awaits. I have been happily delving into new generes as of last year. Used to read just romance but I’m expanding. And glad. I believe that this will help prepare me to be a better, hopefully more succesful writer. I think I’ve purchased in the past few years about two hundred or so paperbacks. My husband think I’m wasting time when I read but I know that part of being a good writer is reading a lot, and various works and generes. He’s not into reading. He says it bores him to sleep.

Speaking of my wonderful husband, does anyone have any info. or connection into doing voice-over work? My husband is a genius at voice-overs but just needs to get his foot in the door, so to speak. A multi-talented man, just wish there was something I could do to help him. We all want to achieve our goals in life, to live out our dreams. I’m working on mine.

Okay, so other than that, let’s see: New bands that I’m listening to: Five Finger Death Punch is a favorite. Pushing fifty this year and I still love my heavy metal/hard rock(is it still called that?) Though I believe that I’m starting to go deaf because I keep having to turn up the sound. Oh well.

So in conclusion: live your life. love your life. don’t take things too seriously or too peronally. Laugh more, love more, smile more, and be angry less. Til next we meet again.