Did You Ever?

Did you ever have days when it was sunny and clear outside but foggy inside of yourself?  Days when you weren’t sure whether you were doing the right thing?  Days when you sat and wondered if you were wasting your life away?

Did you ever have days when it was bright outside but dark within your own soul?  Sometimes it even frightened you how you felt?  Pondering life and sometimes wondering what the meaning of it all was?

Did you ever have days when the colors of flowers seemed to be exploding around you, but your heart felt gray?  You weren’t sure if you were happy or sad, or just lost somewhere in between?

I’ve had those days.  We’ve all experienced them.  But I don’t allow myself to waste too much time over it.  It’s okay to be depressed or confused about life.  We just can’t keep ourselves there for too long because that negative thinking can drag us down further until we can no longer find our way out.