Poetry in Grace

Recently I sadly joined the sisterhood of Motherless daughters.  With the passing of my mother, I am in a group that we all must join sooner or later.  I am torn over her death because she had been ill for a few years and as a Christian I know without a doubt that one day we will see each other again.  Even though she was in her early-eighties it is never something we look forward to.  I am thankful she is no longer suffering or unable to move on her own, I will miss her terribly.

In Heaven I know she is free; free to move on her own, free of pain.  She is now surrounded by loved ones who I’m sure gladly welcomed her home.  As the first Mother’s Day rolls around next month without her, it will be filled with sadness but also with treasured memories.

I am blessed to have had my mom for close to 54 years and many fun times and memorable vacations; Germany, Austria, Canada(Niagara Falls), and a loving bond we shared.  Life will go on, yes, and those precious photos will grace my refrigerator and when I think of her I will smile… always.





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