Feeling His Presence

So often in our faithwalk we either strongly feel God’s presence or we feel as though He has deserted us.  We are not always going to feel His presence but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t care or no longer loves us.  I have oftentimes felt this way.  I’d think, If I don’t feel Him around me, then He must no longer care about me.  Or worse, maybe God is not there.  That would throw me for a loop, a terrifying one.

No, friends, God has not abandoned you.  He is still in control, still loving on you, and still guiding even if we do not sense it.  I personally enjoy reading  portion of scripture on a daily basis because I believe it grounds me. It helps me dig deeper into my faith, and I feel closer to God in doing so.  It doesn’t have to be a long verse, but I have found that it helps it sink in deeper if read aloud.

God is there, in the good times and in the darkness.  He will never leave us.  God loves unconditionally, and not as man loves.  It is a deeper, stronger, and more precious love than we can ever fully comprehend.


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