Falling Into A Routine 

Writing can be tedious, sometimes even mind numbing after hours of sitting at the computer.  Your brain longs to shut down, at least for a little while.

And other times you wake up excited, ready to let those fingers fly over the keyboard, anticipating the magic you know is under there.  Words spill out of your brain and it’s nearly impossible to keep up.

And there’s the days you wake up a bit groggy, heading for the bathroom and then the coffee pot.  You stretch yourself awake, debating where to begin, what piece should be worked on.  And, grabbing your mug, you head into wherever you create the magic, plop your butt in chair, turn on laptop, or whatever you may write with, sighing, maybe even set a timer like I do, and get down to business.

And you write.  Flip through a dictionary, thesaurus, or online search when necessary, and keep on going.  A routine, I believe, is necessary as a writer.  So don’t kick yourself if you miss a day, just get back on the ball the next day and do the best you can.  Create and love what you do.  It’s who you are.


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