Quitting My Day Job

Yes, my idea for this blog has changed a few times over the past few years, and I haven’t been writing for over 6 months, but I have decided to return.  Why, you may ask?  Because I quit my day job.  I’m pushing 53 and wanted to finally be allowed the luxury, if you could call it that, of being able to sit and write for 4 – 6 hours daily.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Perhaps I’ll never be rich and famous doing what I love, but I’ll be doing just that, doing something that I love.

How many of us actually get the chance to do what we love for a living?  Not many, I’m assuming.  Usually it’s the same old grind of getting up every morning, downing coffee or whatever you might ingest to get you up and running, and it’s out the door to hurry to your job and do whatever you are being paid to do.  I was employed by a janitorial cleaning company for almost 14 years, and I mostly loved the work, and I loved the people I worked with.  But one evening, while cleaning, I was fed up with the long hours and little appreciation from customers, for the most part, and I thought to myself; I need to stop this and get to writing for a living!

Sometimes we cannot just quit our day jobs like I did, but we are fortunate enough to do so, and I ran with it.  I ran with the idea that I could sit at home, still get the housework done, get my workouts in, do my errands, social media time, read, make dinner, and write, all in the same day.  There’s where the crazy part comes in.  But I’m also fortunate to be an early-riser.  If I sleep past 6 I feel as though I’ve slept in.  Yes, I do drink lots of coffee during the day.  Normally about 4 cups a day and I have the advantage that I can drink it late and still not be kept up by it.  Well, I also make it pretty weak.

So this will be my focus from now on.  Here is where I’ll inform you what I’ll be focusing this blog on:  my Christian faith(no judgments on anyone, we all have value  in who we are), dealing with having Aspergers and a dyed-in-the-wool introvert, and my writing – love words so much I read the dictionary sometimes.  Oh, and discussing books.  I’m a huge Lori Foster fan; and love thrillers, suspense, romance, biographies, and classic literature.

So it is my wish that you will allow me the pleasure of bringing this blog to you and that you will enjoy its contents.  Please feel free to communicate with me as well.  I love feedback(don’t we all?)  I’m also on Wattpad, if you would be interested in reading more works on there.  Thanks and have a great week.  Yes, I probably will be posting weekly, or at least several times a week, if possible.  Take care.