Short and Sweet

There are days when the sun is shining and the air has a wisp of a breeze to it, that I just don’t want to go anywhere but just sit outside and soak it all in.  I have been so bad with reading e-mails lately, and wind up deleting them inside of allowing them to settle in my inbox for a long nap.  I mean to read them, and have guilt over not reading them.  But sometimes…well, I’m just not in the mood to.

I have this silly weakness on the internet and it’s called…Trulia.  I have a thing for looking at other people’s houses.  I love seeing how they’re decorated, the type of house it is, carpet or hardwood, deck or patio, pool or hot tub…and a sauna in the house is a major plus in my book.  Don’t know why, but I’d love me a sauna!  Something about sweating it out that excites me.  Okay, perhaps that was a bit too creepy…and personal.  Anyway, I love looking at houses online, and love watching HGTV on the television.  Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, and House Hunters are my favorites.  So…now you know a little bit more about me.  Until next time…stay safe, and sane.