The Beauty and Devastation of Winter

I loathe the cold.  I am not a winter person; no ski bunny here.  And if you ever saw me on skis, please, for your safety, get the hell out of the way!  My goal is to eventually move South; preferably Tennessee.  I look forward to winters that make one not want to step over the threshold of their home.  People have heart attacks while shoveling.  Frostbite.  Problems with lack of heat.  Digging one’s car out.  The aggravation of starting the car, getting it to warm up, and snow days. Snow days; the frenzied rush of trying to find someone to watch the kiddies at the last minute so you can go to work.Winter in the Midwest, (and in the East and Northwest) are brutal, nasty, and no fun.  Okay, maybe you enjoy skiing(or sledding, snowshoeing, ice-fishing, and can’t forget snowmobiling) and may even look forward to this mess every January or so, but not me.  I can’t even appreciate this time of year.  Perhaps it’s the seemingly unending darkness.  The shortened days and drawn out nights.  Darkness reminds me too much of death.  The bitter cold and the harsh winds bite right through your clothes and embed itself deep into your bones.  Yes, I loathe winter.

But now for the beauty; for all ugly things have a beauty to them.  Pristine.  The earth blanketed in white.  And there are many activities to partake in during this time of year, as mentioned above.  Some people live for this time of year.  The snow twinkling like a myriad of jewels in the winter sun is rather breathtaking.  But the most amazing beauty of winter in my eyes is the promise of spring.  Yes, spring.  The earth’s majestic rebirth.  The bursting forth of the first bloom, their delicate shoots struggling to penetrate from out of the frozen soil.  And the infinite beauty of  earlier sunrises to push away the previous darkness.  The increasing warmth.  The shedding of heavy clothing.  Being able to bask in the sun.   Outdoor youth  sporting events, running without the worry of slipping, and just plain fun.  Yes, and we all know what spring means:  Summer is around the corner.  But, my friends, that is a whole other blog post.