November is Almost Here!

Okay, just to let you all know that yesterday I signed up to compete(well, against myself) in writing a 50,000 word rough-draft novel in just 30 days. NANOWRIMO will be my very first attempt at this. A definite challenge for a writer who has difficulty finding time to write. But I figured I’d challenge myself, and this would definitely be a challenge. A challenge to my excuses, and a challenge to my imagination, and a challenge to my will-power. Can I do this? Will I make the deadline? What am I to write about? Do I go with a novel idea already partially started or with a completely new idea?

Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated. That extra push is always a great motivator. Has anyone done this challenge already? Is anyone out there attempting this one this year, like I am?

The last few days I am going through the Thesaurus and jotting down words to describe walking. Yes, walking. Why? I am trying to be inventive in describing how people in my fiction move. And there a many ways to describe: Stroll, stride, meander, amble…okay, I don’t want to bore anyone. I find it lots of fun, and entertaining, to begin the editing process. I am excited to finish up a piece and getting the chance to submit it. I know that this fear of rejection must be wadded up like used tissue(ick) and tossed into the trash. As writers, we know that fear can suck the creativity right out from underneath us. We cannot let that happen to us. We have a dream we must cling to. Never release it because of fear. Don’t allow anyone else to discourage you either. Do your best and always, always believe in yourself and your abilities. Write on, my fellow creative types. Until next time.


So You Want to Be A Blogger?

As you already know, I’m not very consistent when it comes to blogging. In the beginning, I had so many ideas and was excited to share anything, and I do mean anything, on it. Since I am not a people-person, it is easy for me to share my thoughts on paper, or on a blog. Something about the flow of thoughts from brain to fingers frees something within me, allowing the extrovert a bit of roaming-time. But there are still times that I’m not sure what to write, or if it even needs to be written, or shared. Will people think I’m weird? Will anyone want to read what I’m writing? Will I have the nerve to share only the easy things in my life, or delve deeper into the painful areas.

Typing out words is so much easier than allowing them the freedom to float out of my mouth. I’m not a talker, unless I know you, and then lucky you, I don’t shut up. Just ask my husband; poor guy. What do I share? Family? Dog? Work? Religion? Writing? My Asperger’s? Working out, and my losing weight? My love of reading? Okay, there you have it, all the thing I enjoy. Well, there are other things, but I won’t go there.

Right now I’m reading, Run the Risk, by Lori Foster. An enjoyable, juicy read. I guess I’ll never outgrow my love of romance novels. It must be that female thing. But I have gotten into thrillers; mostly spy ones. Has anyone read Mark Greaney or Vince Flynn novels? I have a wonderful habit of purchasing most of my books through a thrift shop. I know, it’s not helping the booksellers, but it is a fantastic opportunity to increase my collection, which is about 230 books at present. And those are only the fiction ones. I try to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour reading per day. I believe that good writers are enthusiastic readers. The first books that really got me wanting to be a writer were the works by S.E. Hinton. Also fell in love with To Kill A Mockingbird. An awesome read. Also a great classic, to me, is Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth. So, that’s the reading part of the post.

Now back to my regularly scheduled post, what to write about. There are too many situations in this life that pop up on a daily basis to blog about. Kids get sick. Spouse loses job. Fight with a good friend. Dog gets skunked. This last one happened to us, twice, in the seven years we have our current dog. Or you can discuss serious issues about religion or the state of the nation. I enjoy writing about happy topics. To try and cheer others up. There’s enough sadness and pain floating out there already so why add to it. Alright, before I go off on another tangent, I’m writing about a lot of nothing probably. But it’ll get better, I promise. I’ll keep you all informed of my writing progress and when I submit work for publication. Maybe you can give me moral support, since us writers know how painful a rejection letter is.

Well, that is all for now. I’d like to write something on a weekly basis. I have to be consistent in this. Make time for the things you like, I’ve been told. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Right? Let me know how I can improve this blog. Let me know what you’re currently reading or writing. We can encourage each other. Until next time, happy writing.

Guilt, guilt, go away!

Here I go again with the guilt. I’m up at 4 or 4:30 A.M. but I don’t always know whether I should get up or not. Why? Because laying next to me is my dear husband, fast asleep. It’s: do I get up and not be here when he wakes up, or do I just stay here and try to fall back asleep for another hour or so? Trying my best to be a good wife, I at least make it a point to go to bed at the same time as he does. But I am a morning-person, always have been. So needless to say I’ve stayed in bed the past few days, shunning my early-morning quiet time/writing time. In addition to that, the time of year isn’t helping much either since the sun rises later now. During the summer, when the sun is up a lot earlier, it’s not as difficult for me to drag my butt out of the warm bed and shuffle down the hall to the kitchen table where my laptop sits, waiting.

So I discussed this situation over with my husband, and he said he was fine with it. That was a relief. I don’t want to feel guilty about my writing. I want to have a clear head to think up clever plot lines and character sketches. I do not want to bog down the old brain with feelings of remorse or uncertainty. What do I do? Can I even fall back to sleep? So, tomorrow, bright and (very) early, I will bounce, okay, perhaps that’s not accurate…stumble is probably a much better word choice…and shuffle down the hall and into the kitchen to the table where my laptop waits. I think that my brain does work better in the early morning when it’s nice and quiet in the house, for the time being. With my husband and two grown sons, and a mangy mutt, the house doesn’t remain that way for too long.

I’m ready for tomorrow morning. I’m ready to write. I’m ready to start the day off right with creativity and coffee; lots and lots of coffee. And when the day is done, I will be bathed in a joyous sense of accomplishment. Thank you, dear. Thank you, brain. I’m always happiest when everything flow together nicely.

On a side note: I recently went to one of our thrift stores and purchased a few books. I got another Vince Flynn, Alex Berenson, and Joseph Wambaugh to add to my growing collection. Okay, I hope I spelled Wambaugh correctly. And currently I am reading another fantastic romance by Lori Foster, Run the Risk. Well, friends, that’s it for now. Happy Writing and happy reading. If you’re like me, you aren’t happy if you don’t get at least a half hour to read a good book. What are you reading right now?


Okay.  Okay.  I actually got up at 4:40 this morning and felt psyched and ready to write.  No coffee.  No nothing to help wake me up.  Just me and my thoughts.  So far so good.  I have my laptop fired up, and my works-in-progress ready to go.  My brain is ready to play too.  I meant to write for an hour, but wrote instead for about a half hour.  Better luck next time?  Maybe it’ll take me a few tries at getting up early to finally get moving and my fingers flying over the keys.  But, hey, it’s a start.  And I’ll take it. 

What I’m enjoying now is going on different writing websites and author’s blogs and checking out all the helpful and informative articles and thoughts of fellow bloggers/writers.  What are some of your favorites?  Who are some of your favorite writers?  Me personally, in the romance category they would be:  Lori Foster, Karen Robards, Heather Graham, Kat Martin, and Lora Leigh.  In the thriller category:  Vince Flynn(R.I.P.), Mark Greaney, and Alex Berenson.  But my book collection is vast and diverse.  I’m always looking for new authors to discover and enjoy. 

Writing is good for the soul.  It can lead to self-discovery.  It can help us understand the world around us.  It can also help us temporarily escape the world around us while engrossed within the pages of a fascinating book.  Do I make sense?  Does anyone else out there feel that way too?  Am I going in all sorts of different directions at one time?  Am I even able to gather these thoughts together without them running all over the place?  Be it poetry, fiction, non-fiction; I love it all.  Writing is liberating.  Like throwing off one’s clothes at a nudist colony(okay, maybe that one’s a stretch).   

I am a firm believer that a writer is a voracious reader, always hungry for more thrills, romance, interesting characters and great plot lines.  New worlds out there to discover.  We can be swept up into the past, remain in the here and now, or travel into the future.  I will never grow tired of words.  They are what makes the world go round.  The much-needed form of communication to bring people together.  May we, as writers, continue to strive to set the literary world aflame with our brilliance, our dedication, and our love of the written word.  Happy Writing.