I’m Still Here

There are times when writing when one becomes stuck, and not sure what to write about. A writer wishes to convey their thoughts and feelings into the words that they write, but sometimes it is a struggle just to do that. Sometimes I think my life isn’t exciting enough. Bold enough. Fun enough. I know that I haven’t written anything for a while, but I think that’s because I was so engrossed with my new fitness routine and weight loss that it took over everything within me. I was obsessed with getting into shape and that made me push my writing aside. But that is for the time being only. Writing is in my blood. I cannot be happy if I do not put words down on paper, or type them on my laptop. I must write.

Now that I’ve reached my goal weight, I need to get back into the world of writing. I read the dictionary and jot down words that I want to use in my writing. Now that definitely shows a love of words. But the question remains: Where do I go from here? I’m happy and content with working out, even though the heat lately is horrendous. Not a big heat kind of person. Okay, garden is doing relatively well, except I let the romaine go to seed. Our pear trees, due to the rain, are flourishing nicely, if only our crazy dog would stop eating them. Never had a dog who enjoyed pears as much as this one does.

And my love of reading. Sometimes I think I live to read. Romances and thrillers are my two new favorite genres. R.I.P. to Vince Flynn. Love his books. Sorry about his passing. Seemed like a good man. Sorry, had to add that in. But it is books that fuels the imagination. To have us writers hungering for more. More adventure, more trials, more intrigue, and more romance. I hope that I never get tired of books.

So I hope to find more interesting things to share with you, my readers. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way. I had a couple of ideas of where this blog should go. One, doing interviews with different people. And two, a title of: Stories My Friends Told Me. Just a bunch of interesting short tales from various people I know. Everyone has a story to tell. So I’ll see where these will take me. For now, enjoy life and be kind to yourselves.


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