A Writer’s Life in the Open

Sometimes I’d like to retreat into a shell, to be that boring, unintimidating person in the corner.  No one bothers to come near.  No one questions my intentions.  I like to see myself as bland, but deep down I know that’s not the truth. I struggle to keep myself underwraps.  Not that I’m a dangerousContinue reading “A Writer’s Life in the Open”

Going out on a Limb

Okay, I’m going to probably offend some people with this post, but it is not intentional.  This issue has weighed on my mind for some time now and these are my own personal views.  You can agree with them or not.  It is your choice.  So(deep breath) here goes:  God doesn’t hate you.  Too oftenContinue reading “Going out on a Limb”