My Love Of Words

Okay, I have something to confess:  I like to read the dictionary.  I enjoy finding new words in the English language to add to my writing repertoire(oop, had to spell check that one).  I am a big fan of websites that e-mail you a new word a day.  Love it!  I am always on the hunt to learn new words and what they mean.  My favorite course in school was always English.  Never understood the workings of grammar very well, but I’m still learning.

Okay, I know that one needs to understand the mechanics of said grammar to be an accomplished writer, but again, I’m still learning.  But I’m thankful for the many websites that make learning grammar fun and educational.  I must admit, also, that I love the process of writing itself.  Even if it isn’t creative writing, I like the flow of the pen upon the sheet of paper.  It relaxes me for some reason and I enjoy the feeling

I’ve been creatively writing since the fourth grade.  I remember sharing a poem with my classmates a few years later about being alone on an island and how they laughed at that.  Oh well, so much for sharing one’s work!  Maybe that’s why I still have a difficult time of allowing others to read my short fiction.  I do not want to look the fool.  But deep down I believe that I was born with the gift to write, or at least a strong desire to do so.

I believe that writing creatively saved my life.  By transferring my angst onto paper, it helped protect my sanity and allowed me that small silver thread to grasp on to, just barely.  During those bullied years, suicide was on my mind a lot.  But again, writing saved me from doing something stupid, something permanent.

Seeing the world through a writer’s eyes can be dizzying and terrifying all in the same thought process.  I have such an active imagination that sometimes my own thoughts weird me out.  I can see things in my head as though they were happening like a movie on a screen.  I get that when I read a really good book, like I am currently.  (Plug for Mark Greaney’s The Gray Man series).

It was S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders” book that made me want to be a writer.  Her books inspired me and I will always remember what I felt reading those books.  Being taken away from reality into another’s creative thought process was almost like a high for me.  If that makes any sense.  I’ve also been enthralled by To Kill A Mockingbird, and Pearl Buck’s, “The Good Earth”.

Now I am contemplating taking an on-line writing course through the local community college.  I just desire to learn as much as possible about the creative process.  It is like air to me.  It  is what I desire in life:  to be a published writer; to see my name in print.  I don’t need to rake in millions of dollars or have endless fame, I just want to say that I had fulfilled my dreams as a writer.  Publication, and to know that perhaps somewhere out there, I ignited a spark inside someone else soul with a desire to write.


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