When A Mother Comes to the End of the Road

Well, my youngest turns seventeen a month from today.  Though he has another year until he’s an official ‘adult’, my son has an independent streak Grand-Canyon wide.  He’ll probably be graduating early, next January, and he wants to take off when he turns eighteen and be on his own.  And it’s fine with me.  IContinue reading “When A Mother Comes to the End of the Road”

Just To Let You Know I’m Still Alive and Kicking

I got to see some dear friends yesterday.  We had a little party at our office for Valentine’s Day and it was fun.  I baked some cookies; some that were gluten-free and some that were not.  It’s alway good to see people you may normally not have the chance to see other than at holidaysContinue reading “Just To Let You Know I’m Still Alive and Kicking”

My Love Of Words

Okay, I have something to confess:  I like to read the dictionary.  I enjoy finding new words in the English language to add to my writing repertoire(oop, had to spell check that one).  I am a big fan of websites that e-mail you a new word a day.  Love it!  I am always on theContinue reading “My Love Of Words”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…And I’m a Wimp

Alright.  I can do this.  I can do this.  I need to go outside into my garage and lift those weights.  Even though those dumbbells and bars will be freezing cold, I can do this.  Well, I have to do this.  I want to get in shape and stay that way.  For a change.  It’sContinue reading “Baby, It’s Cold Outside…And I’m a Wimp”