Pssst…Guess Who’s Turning Fifty Sometime This Year???????????

I’ve got a secret and it’s a big one!  Well, not really a secret.  But perhaps just one that most women like to keep under wraps.  I’m turning fifty later  in the year.  There.  I’ve said it.  Guess who’s not afraid of mentioning her age?  This girl!  Now I have to warn you never to ask me about my weight, though.  That is one touchy subject.  But I digress.

Let’s move on.  I have a lot of changing around that I’m doing.  Just started hitting the weights again…not heavy but enough to prove that I’m actually lifting something.  It’s something I enjoy doing, just not in the cold.  We work out in our garage and it can get pretty cold  in an unheated garage.  My husband and sons can tough it out, but not me.  I guess the older I get the colder I get.  I want to plan on running a few races come Spring and Summer.  I did a 5K a few years ago and loved it.  Maybe I can try for a 10K or Half marathon this time?

And I have been working on my writing, mostly on a daily basis.  I’m feeling kinda proud of myself.  I’d like to get a few more hours of writing in eventually per day.  I have to be better organized, though.  Less time on the computer looking up stuff and more time working on the old novel.  And short stories.  I got lots and lots of short stories.  And of course, I try to make time to read for at least an hour a day.

Right now I’m looking out the kitchen window and the snow is swirling around in all of its splendid whiteness.  At least I have nowhere to go until later in the week.  It’s beautiful to watch as the snow falls, it’s the driving in it that sucks.  I know.  I’ve been living in the Chicago area for decades and cannot wait to escape to warmer climes.  My husband and I are thinking southwest Tennessee.

But there is so much to taste in life.  It seems like there is not enough time in any given day to do all that I want to do.  That any of us want to do.  I want to do some more baking.  That’s what was on my agenda for today, but unfortunately I didn’t bake anything.  So I guess I’ll have to leave that for tomorrow.  Some more gluten-free bread, gluten-free corn muffins, and whatever else I can find to make gluten-free.

So enjoy your evening.  Hopefully you have your loved ones close by to hug, to hold, to feel safe next to them.  Laugh.  Love.  Be filled with peace.  Have a cup of hot chocolate or tea(that’s what I’ll be doing later).  Relax and take a breather.  To all of you fine men and women out there, know that you are wonderful, special, loved, and wanted.  That you are perfect just the way that you are.  Simply live.  Live simply.  And enjoy the little, quiet moments in your lives.  Hugs.


To Say “Thank You”

It’s about 5:30 in the morning, and I’m just about ready to grab my morning cup of (weak) coffee.  Add a little Truvia and some vanilla almond milk and I’m good to go.  Funny how a few years back I couldn’t even stomach the stuff and now I drink  it on a daily basis.  Green tea works well too, at least for me.  I wrote out a food menu yesterday for today.  I have the hardest time trying to break up my calories for the day and wind up going over.  Last week I lot five pounds and now this week, nothing so far.  As a woman, I am almost infuriated by my body’s lack of losing ability.  I work out and count calories and still, nothing.  Oh well, I guess that just means work out a little bit harder and longer.

But enough about that.  What I wanted to say this morning was a plain and simple “thank you.”  I wanted to thank those who read my posts whenever I get my lazy butt around to posting them here on my blog.  I’ve wanted to be a writer since the fourth grade and that was many, many decades age.  Okay, I’ll be fifty this year so perhaps it’s not so many decades.  I guess it all depends on how old you are.  But I am humbled by your reading of my blog.  It is heartening to see those who like what they read.  And isn’t that the goal of every writer, to want what you have written to be enjoyed?  Sometimes what is written is not about a pleasant top; like, death for instance.  No one wants to think about dying or about their loved ones dying, but it i a fact of live that we must all face someday.  Many times it is humorous, and who doesn’t like to read something that makes them happy, and laugh?

So again, I may not be very informative in my creative writing, but I do aim to entertain, to enlighten, perhaps even to make you think.  I do put in a lot of thought about God and family.  I had a recent death in the family which was very difficult and painful for me and my family.  When you witness someone die it is something that will remain with you forever.  But I love life, most times when it isn’t frustrating me to the point of near-insanity, and I want to emphasis the shortness of it.  Again, not a pleasant topic to discuss, but a huge part of life.  As you go about your day, take time to read various blogs here on WordPress.  There is such a variety of topics out there, and so many talented writers.  It is also their goal to have you enjoy what you are reading.  For us, writing is in our very blood.  It is as important to fellow writer as the very air that we breathe.

So once more, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And I hope that you will return often to read what I have written, as well as reading other bloggers’ posts.  You never know what you will find out there, or what you may wind up learning; about life and about the world around us.  Blessings and peace on your day.  Until we meet again.

Just Another Cold Day

Okay, so I’ve been a bit lax in posting once a week, but time seems to get away from me. Why? I have no idea. Life is good. I’ve already lost 5 lb. on my new resolve to get into shape. To fit in a bikini by summer. Shooting for June 1st. Getting better at the gluten-free and lactose-free eating. Baked some gluten-free bread. Not bad but I do think I put in too much baking powder. But I’ll get better as I learn to bake the new way. It’ been really nasty cold out here in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. We got spoiled with unseasonable temps in the low to mid fifties. I’d look those back now, please. And could you hurry that up! Thank you. I’ve been writing every day for an hour, while at least since last Friday. But I’m now consistent. I’m working on a novel. My first. It’s a romance about a widow and her two young daughters having to move back to the hometown in which she was raised and all the fun stuff that living there entails. At least she gets along with with her widowed mother. So that’s a plus.

I’ve come to appreciate doing Step Aerobics. Gin Miller’s Reebok one is one that I really enjoy. So I also am counting calories which can be a huge pain. I usually keep up with that for maybe a month and then get bored with it. I need to keep with it because it’s one thing that really seems to work for me. But other than that, I, along with my family, are doing well. I’m having a blast with social media: Twitter, Facebook…keeps me energized for some strange reason. And no. I am not jealous of my FB friends’ lives. I am rather happy for them whenever something good happens. More power to them, I’d say. But let’s see: reading The Gray Man by Mark Greaney currently. Recently finished the second book in the series: On Target. If you love to read thrillers, I highly recommend reading his work, along with another new favorite of mine: Vince Flynn.

I’ve been having a lot of fun purchasing used paperbacks at our local thrift store. 79 cents and a new world awaits. I have been happily delving into new generes as of last year. Used to read just romance but I’m expanding. And glad. I believe that this will help prepare me to be a better, hopefully more succesful writer. I think I’ve purchased in the past few years about two hundred or so paperbacks. My husband think I’m wasting time when I read but I know that part of being a good writer is reading a lot, and various works and generes. He’s not into reading. He says it bores him to sleep.

Speaking of my wonderful husband, does anyone have any info. or connection into doing voice-over work? My husband is a genius at voice-overs but just needs to get his foot in the door, so to speak. A multi-talented man, just wish there was something I could do to help him. We all want to achieve our goals in life, to live out our dreams. I’m working on mine.

Okay, so other than that, let’s see: New bands that I’m listening to: Five Finger Death Punch is a favorite. Pushing fifty this year and I still love my heavy metal/hard rock(is it still called that?) Though I believe that I’m starting to go deaf because I keep having to turn up the sound. Oh well.

So in conclusion: live your life. love your life. don’t take things too seriously or too peronally. Laugh more, love more, smile more, and be angry less. Til next we meet again.

Into 2013

Okay, here we are, into another new year. We survived 2012. Now we have a brand-new year ahead of us to do things right. To love. To work. To create. To laugh. A chance to lose that weight I’ve been struggling since my youngest wa born, never mind that was 16 1/2 years ago. Shhh. So what is on your agenda? What are your New Year’s Resolutions and how long will you keep them? Or have they already been tossed out the window? I say, live life. Don’t waste time making up resolutions you won’t be keeping and then beating yourself up over not keeping them. Maybe make one and keep it. I think that is far easier for us mere mortals. I have a great love of books. I have been accumulating many paperbacks over the past year over at our local resale shop. Last year I finished 13 books. Right now I am reading a thriller by Mark Greaney called ‘On Target’. I’ve never liked spy thrillers before, but the older I get the more I like to try new genres. Keeps life interesting and expands the mind. Especially good for me since I will be 50 this year. Scary. A half a century. But I won’t be focusing on that. I will forget about the graying hair, the facial fuzz, the tiny wrinkles, and the creaking bones when I first get out of bed in the morning.

Yes. I will focus on the good in life this year. I will learn to love others even though they may not reciprocate. I will try to be open to trying new things. I have a definite fear of looking like an idiot, so I normally do not try new things. I’d like to write more often(everyday would be nice, even if it is only 30 minutes or less). I want to watch more movies that I enjoy. I want to be free to feel, to cry, to experience all that life has to offer. I want to eat healthier; gluten-free, lactose-free(for a reason not just because I want to be ‘different’). I want to understand my sons better. I want to be more understanding of my husband. We will be married for 23 years come May.

Well, there it is. My heart out there. Focus on what you want to accomplish this year, no matter how large or small your aspirations. Love big. Choose wisely the words you speak. They can come back and bite you in the ass one day. Until next time, stay safe.