Almost Over

Yes. Here we are, almost at the close of another year. Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013. Hey, I guess we can all be happy that the world did not end. I, for one, think that the whole Mayan calendar thing was ridiculous. No one knows when the end is going to come. Why even guess at it. It will end when it’s damn good and ready to. But I can’t complain; at least not much. Though we had a year filled with heartache; the death of my father-in-law; we also had joy; my parents coming up to visit in September. I discovered the reason for some of my health issues; lactose-intolerant and gluten allergy(oh, don’t you love when bloggers get all personal and stuff?). I’ve read quite a few good works of fiction lately and have added to my collection of paperbacks. I look forward to getting a lot of reading done in 2013. I also look forward to writing my first novel. There are so many ideas floating around my head that I can’t seem to keep them all straight and organized. One of my biggest problems I face is my definite lack of organizational skills, just ask my husband, he’ll fill you in on all the sloppy details. Perhaps that is what is holding me back from getting more of my work submitted, my lack of organization. I so desperately want to submit my works of short fiction and poetry, but I can’t seem to carve out more time for it. The sitting down and figuring out where they should be sent to is one of my main downfalls. Help!?

But life and love goes on. My biggest dilemnia now is: do I stay up til midnight or fall alseep early? We don’t go out anymore. We no longer drink or do a lot of crazy stuff we used to do in our ‘younger’ years. I’ll be turning 50 in 2013. Soooo excited, not. But I try to stay fit and active, healthy and sane all at the same time. Maybe I need to make New Year’s resolutions that I won’t bother to keep anyway. Like finally fitting into a size 2. Wow! Wouldn’t that be grand? Or how ’bout go for broke and fit in a size 0. Now that’s a goal every girl dreams of. Sigh. Okay, let’s get back to reality here. Just want to be in shape; not round; and I know that round is a shape(my husband likes to use that line on me), just not the one I’m aiming for!

So think on all of the good times that you and your loved ones enjoyed this year, and ponder upon those things that maybe you could have done better. Remember those that you loved and lost. Keep them firmly in your memory bank. Love them for who they were and all that they had done for you. And remember if you are going out on New Year’s Eve, be safe, not stupid. It only takes a moment to change a life forever. Let’s look forward to a wonderful and fun-filled, and adventerous 2013. We never know what the future holds, but isn’t it fun to imagine all the crazy, naughty, loving, fun things that we can do and get into? Oh, trust me, as I writer I can imagine a lot of things. So, dear ones, may blessings abound for you in this approaching new year, and may joy and peace grace your homes and your hearts.


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