Now That It’s December…

Here I sit at my computer, just typing away what comes to mind.  I have been off for a couple of weeks due to Thanksgiving.  This year it was tough because of the passing of my father-in-law back in July.  It was just the four of us for dinner and we started a new family tradition:  pizza.  Hey, cleanup was a heck of a lot easier than in previous years, and not that many dishes to do.  But I miss my father-in-law.  He was a wonderful man.  And he loved me like his own.

But with the upcoming holiday season, and I say holiday because in this country I know there are more than one that is celebrated.  I am a Christian, but it does not bother me if someone wants to say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’.  I am not one to force anyone to bow to my own beliefs.  I guess as I’m aging, I’m a bit more lenient in my views.  I can be conservative in some, liberal in others, and totally libertarian in even more.  That is my choice.  Yours may be different, very different, from mine, and you know what, it’s fine.

I’ve probably wrote about this in the past, but I believe that my life should speak for itself.  I am who God made me to be.  I don’t believe in beating people upside the head with my beliefs or that they’ll wind up in a very bad place when they die.  It’s hard to scare people about them going to a place they don’t even believe exists.  Show them how to live by example.  If they want what you have, great; if not, that is their choice.  We scream so much about choice in this country, don’t we?  I don’t condone or condemn.  As long as no one is being abused or killed.  If you don’t like my opinions, fine.  We all have the right to our own thoughts, views, opinions, and beliefs.  Please do not scream red-faced at me for being ‘narrow-minded’ in my views.  To me that is nothing more than ‘playground mentality’.  Of ‘you have to share my views or else I’m going to bully you into accepting them anyway.’  No good.

I will look at varying viewpoints and life-styles and make up my own mind.  That’s what is so great about having a mind!  You can make it up all by yourself!  Isn’t that awesome?   Don’t be afraid to share your opinions.  There’ll always be those who will be offended by what you say.  But that’s normal.  It’s called being human.  So to all of my friends and readers out there, ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy Holidays’.  God bless and stay safe, stay sane, and stay opinionated.


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