Parenthood – The real oldest profession in the world

Parenting is not for the faint-hearted.  It is not a job to be taken on lightly.  It is a lifetime commitment – there’s never any time-card to punch out at the end of the day.  Face it, you are on-duty 24/7, like it or not.  Parenting can be a mind-numbing, insomnia-producing, hand-wringing job.  Always worrying if you are doing something wrong.  Does my child’s fever warrant a doctor’s visit?  Why are they crying, fussing, sleeping too much, or not enough?  Why is my little angel projectile vomiting, and me waiting for the head to start spinning around?  And how does such a tiny, fragile creature create so much poop?

And once the child become fully locomotive, forget about ever relaxing again.  And showering?  Well, just get used to spritzing on quite a bit of body spray.  I’m sure that no one will notice.  (Why are those people moving away from me?)  And don’t forget the constant changing of diapers, washing tiny outfits that your little one quickly outgrows, and need to purchase bigger sizes.  And someone please tell me how such tiny outfits and shoes cost so much money?

But the rewards are there.  Your child’s first toothless grin, how their eyes light up whenever you enter the room, and those tiny arms wrapped snugly around your neck, and their first “I-love-you”‘s.  Ah, that is worth the price of admission alone.  And let’s face it, the making of the child was the easy part, and quite honestly the most enjoyable part.  After that it’s all work and no play(well, at least for dad anyway).  But don’t worry men, it gets better for you too.

Then come the school years:  instruments yearning to be played, parent-teacher conferences, holiday concerts, plays, class parties, teacher gifts, and the projects that need to be handed in TOMORROW.  And oh let’s not forget those memorable teen years.  First date, first job, first car.  Endless arguments over curfews, when to go to bed, when to wake up in the morning, when to do homework.  And don’t even count how many “I-hate-you”‘s you get in one day.  Suddenly, you are the mean one, strict one, uncool one, not-understanding one:  it seems like such a thankless time during those years.  But hang in there, mom and dad, it does get better.

And yes, I would do it all over again.  Why, you may ask?  Because I’m crazy…about my children.  They are my life, my love, my pride and joy, and though there isn’t any monetary payment, I am thankful for the opportunity to raise my children.  Each day is an adventure, whatever stage of life they are in.  One more thing, don’t get me started on teaching them how to drive….that’s another story in itself!


2 thoughts on “Parenthood – The real oldest profession in the world

  1. 🙂 I’m trying to figure out how to write a post that talks about the same thing. From the kid’s perspective. I know I’ll be a parent in the (not-too) near future, and I’m realizing that maybe a kid can never love their parent the way parents love them. But we do love our parents! And we return the favor when we learn to love our kids that same way.

    1. Agree about the kids not loving their parents the same way that the parents love them. I believe that kids cannot understand the depths of their parents’ love until they themselves have children themselves. Happened with me. Thanks for reading.

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