Becoming the Monster – A Hideous Repercussion of Childhood Abuse

(The following is a personal essay and does not by any means categorize everyone who was abused as a child as an abuser themselves.  Some, unfortunately, are doomed to repeat the horror of their own youth.) I’ve often wondered what turns a former victim into a victimizer themselves, after they’ve suffered through years of physical and emotionalContinue reading “Becoming the Monster – A Hideous Repercussion of Childhood Abuse”

Loving the Mirror

When I was attending junior high school, I began going through a serious identity crisis.  I didn’t like who I was or what I was becoming.  My body was awkwardly changing, and I felt cursed by a raging case of acne.  I thought that I was the ugliest girl alive and that I’d never find someoneContinue reading “Loving the Mirror”

Parenthood – The real oldest profession in the world

Parenting is not for the faint-hearted.  It is not a job to be taken on lightly.  It is a lifetime commitment – there’s never any time-card to punch out at the end of the day.  Face it, you are on-duty 24/7, like it or not.  Parenting can be a mind-numbing, insomnia-producing, hand-wringing job.  Always worryingContinue reading “Parenthood – The real oldest profession in the world”

Death of a Loved One

Originally posted on wordsthatlastforever:
Death is an agonizing and a tear-stained mystery.  Some believe that when we die we are transported to Heaven or to some other dimension, while others believe that death is the end to our existence.  I stand in the former category.  But when you stare death in the face, sitting at the bedside of aContinue reading “Death of a Loved One”