Figuring Things Out

More on life as we know it.  The terrible things that are going on recently around the world has me broken hearted:  Afghanistan, Syria, to name just a couple of hotspots.  So much pain and loss.  Grief and heartache; and bloodshed.  Too  many tears shed, mothers and fathers mourning their losses.  I don’t care what religion you are, no one deserves to be treated horribly, without respect.  We are all put here for a purpose.  We all have meaning.  We all have someone who cares for us, prays for us, loves us, cherishes us,  misses us when we are not around.

Each human being is unique in their own right.  We are given different talents.  Some can sing, draw, paint, write.  We have something in common there.  We just need to find out what that gift is.  One that we can share with the world.  Don’t hide it from the rest of the world.  Don’t be ashamed of it. 

Look around.  See the beauty in nature, in children’s faces, in the heart of another.  Love life.  Embrace others.  Share your gifts freely.  Don’t end up at the end of your life filled with remorse.