Random Thoughts

Today I’m going to share some thoughts that popped into my head some years ago.  I hope that you find some of them interesting.

6-12-02:  Sometimes I think failure is easier to swallow than success.  With failure, you can sigh, shrug your shoulders and move on to try again some other day.  With success, how do you back out of that once you have attained it?  Once you have tasted its forbidden fruit; enticed and wide-eyed?

4-9-02:  Is this how the Anti-Christ will be ushered into the forefront?  Will the world, torn asunder by chaos, gladly welcome him in?  We, then, desperate for safety, will be more than willing to sacrifice our hard-won liberties in exchange for a respite from terror.  How horrendous must it become for us as a nation to toss up our hands and say, “We surrender all.”  To say to evil men, “Lead us!”

No date:  We are an over-indulgent society.  Because we have we feel that we are entitled to  more.  Instant gratification is the name of the game.  We h ave lost our sense of self-control.  We eat way too much.  Our supermarkets are chock-full of every imaginable delicacy while in many other parts of the world people worry if they will eat anything at all on any given day.  Mothers mourning their little ones,  lost to an early grave due to starvation and disease.  We overeat, many times to the point that we have to loosen our clothing just to breathe while others are daily starving to death.

8-11-01:  I pray that God would open up these sightless eyes to the vast misery that surrounds me.  That I would see others as He sees them; hurting, confused children struggling daily to survive – needing compassion, not condemnation.  Who am I to judge?  Remove the scales from my eyes just as You did for St. Paul.  We are all in need of love, of understanding, of dignity, and respect.

5-4-02:  As long as we allow ‘them’ to control us, to keep us fighting against each other, they have won, distracting us from forming a united front.  We need to be fighting the real enemy, not each other.  As a liberated people, we need to break forth from the shackles that have bound us for way too long to the lie of conformity.  Our eyes have been focused on the wrong nemesis and we have lost our real cause.  Beware, if you vary your thoughts in any way, you may be in the spotlight and cast out as being a ‘enemy of the state’.



One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. God chooses where we are born, what gender, what height, what color of eyes, color of hair, he also chooses who is born in poverty, male or female, height, eye color, hair color. I take no responsibility for those who are born, their gender, country, etc………..God is in control. I just do what I can. He must take ultimate responsibility.

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