Random Thoughts

Today I’m going to share some thoughts that popped into my head some years ago.  I hope that you find some of them interesting.

6-12-02:  Sometimes I think failure is easier to swallow than success.  With failure, you can sigh, shrug your shoulders and move on to try again some other day.  With success, how do you back out of that once you have attained it?  Once you have tasted its forbidden fruit; enticed and wide-eyed?

4-9-02:  Is this how the Anti-Christ will be ushered into the forefront?  Will the world, torn asunder by chaos, gladly welcome him in?  We, then, desperate for safety, will be more than willing to sacrifice our hard-won liberties in exchange for a respite from terror.  How horrendous must it become for us as a nation to toss up our hands and say, “We surrender all.”  To say to evil men, “Lead us!”

No date:  We are an over-indulgent society.  Because we have we feel that we are entitled to  more.  Instant gratification is the name of the game.  We h ave lost our sense of self-control.  We eat way too much.  Our supermarkets are chock-full of every imaginable delicacy while in many other parts of the world people worry if they will eat anything at all on any given day.  Mothers mourning their little ones,  lost to an early grave due to starvation and disease.  We overeat, many times to the point that we have to loosen our clothing just to breathe while others are daily starving to death.

8-11-01:  I pray that God would open up these sightless eyes to the vast misery that surrounds me.  That I would see others as He sees them; hurting, confused children struggling daily to survive – needing compassion, not condemnation.  Who am I to judge?  Remove the scales from my eyes just as You did for St. Paul.  We are all in need of love, of understanding, of dignity, and respect.

5-4-02:  As long as we allow ‘them’ to control us, to keep us fighting against each other, they have won, distracting us from forming a united front.  We need to be fighting the real enemy, not each other.  As a liberated people, we need to break forth from the shackles that have bound us for way too long to the lie of conformity.  Our eyes have been focused on the wrong nemesis and we have lost our real cause.  Beware, if you vary your thoughts in any way, you may be in the spotlight and cast out as being a ‘enemy of the state’.



What I Believe

I try to be a good Christian, but I will admit to failing miserably a lot of the time.  But God is good.  I know not everyone believes there is a God, and I would never force my beliefs upon you.  Yet I know that God is there by looking around me at the wonders of this world; the trees and flowers returning to life each Spring, and the beauty and strength of the human body.  I think that the church in America, at least many of them, are doing something wrong.  I believe that many are asking selfishly, What can God do for me?”  whereas those in the growing third-world churches and house groups are asking selflessly, “What can I do for God?”  We in this nation can be so materialistic and unwilling to make any sort of sacrifice for the good of others.  Maybe that’s what is wrong with society in general.  People are too wrapped up in what feels good to them and what they can get out of life.  People in the church can be guilty of this also.  I have been selfish before and still can be from time to time.  Unwilling to budge in doing things that make me happy instead of concentrating on how to make things better for someone else.  That is why the church in America is not really growing.  There is a deep discontentment among fellow believers, and a feeling of ‘is this all there is?’ 

There are so many people out there who are lost and hurting.  Even if they are followers of a different religion or not one at all, we as Christians still need to reach out a helping hand to them.  Jesus told us to help ‘the least of these’.  What kind of example are we giving to people about our faith when we turn our backs when others need us most?  Taking chances to help others different from ourselves can seem scary.  No one wants to get hurt or rejected.  Many people, believers or not, want to help make a difference in this world.  Who wants to get to the end of their life and look back and realize that they just basically floated through life, not making a difference at all?  I want to make a difference.  I want to be that person who stands up and cries out in the street that we need to come together to make that change.  No more same old-same old.  Be the candle in the dark.  We should not shun others because they are not like us.  God loves variety. 

So here’s to being different.  Here’s to being the light in the darkness.  Here’s to saying, “I accept you even though you may be different than me.’  Here’s to joining hands with those who want to be the change. Here’s to loving others unconditionally, be they whatever nationality, or religion, or sex, or whatever we are using to judge others worthiness in our own eyes.  There will be no peace until we can join hands and say ‘the hell with those who wish to divide us’.  Now is the time for reconciliation.  Now is the time to make the change. 

Not Sure What To Do

I haven’t written anything new here for quite some time.  I’ve been feeling a bit depressed as of late, so that’s why I haven’t been on here.  The world is going crazy around us.  There’s no peace.  People seem to be too wrapped up in themselves.  Then people wonder why society is the way that it is.

Someday I hope to get my act together.  Someday I want to stop feeling sorry for myself.  Someday I hope to achieve my dreams.  But for now, I need to get back in to the swing of things, to stop being just an observer in this craziness called Life but actually become a participant.  Because just standing on the sidelines is boring.