What do you do when you struggle with things going on in your life that may not be compatible with who others believe you to be?  Do you go on being the ‘good’ girl just to keep up appearances even though you hunger to get out of a rut?  Do you release the words buried inside of you regardless of what those words are? 

Maybe that’s why I don’t submit my writing because if people read what I have brewing within me they may be shocked.  As a Christian, I struggle.  But I think now I need to write what is growing inside of me.  Who knows how much time is left to be able to fulfill one’s dreams to be a published writer.  Life is short.  It is precious.

We need to live and make the most of the time that God has given us.  So, here I go.  Ready or not, world, here I come.  I need to make this a good run.  I can’t keep wasting the talent I believe that God has blessed me with.  So, I apologize in advance if I offend anyone.  I don’t mean to.  I just need to do what I need to do.


The Materialism of the Holiday Season

It drives me crazy, all the materialism that goes on this time of year.  On Thanksgiving evening we drove by one of the big stores out here and saw a long line of people waiting out in the cold to save a place their place in line.  There were even tents out there.  It was nuts.  I thought, Why aren’t you home with your families?  It’s just stuff.  We are accumulating more and more stuff.

It’s sad.  I believe that people are trying to fill a void in their lives by purchasing material items.  It gives them pleasure for a short while and then they are left feeling empty again.  And then it’s on to the next ‘new’ thing.  And they’re hoping that perhaps this too will feel the emptiness inside themselves.

My husband and I did a two-hour bell ringing for the Salvation Army this past weekend.  It was rewarding emotionally and spiritually, seeing these people give.  And to me it does not matter how much you give, but as long as it is giving from the heart.  That’s what counts.  Where’s your heart?  Is it in accumulating more stuff or is it in helping alleviate the suffering of others? 

Especially during this time of year when so many more people freely open the wallet to help others in need.  This time though there are a lot more people in need because of the lousy economy.  People losing jobs; losing homes.  How difficult and painful it must be for a parent at Christmas to hear their child beg for a present and know that it is either that gift or something to eat. 

I guess my point is that we can all do something to help make a difference.  Life is difficult and coming up on the holidays doesn’t make it any easier, especially for those who are struggling financially on a daily basis.  No wonder the holidays are depressing for so many of us.  You fret about purchasing just the right gift.  About throwing the party.  About those credit card bills coming in in January.  Enough to give a person a full-blown anxiety attack!  So this year, don’t worry about buying stuff just to fill the emptiness of your soul, give.  Give to the food pantry, give to the homeless and women’s shelters.  Give from the heart.  And remember, never give up.