Good News

So excited and happy for my son, Malachi.  Got his first auto repair job.  He starts tomorrow at Midas.  Now he just needs to prove himself that he is well capable of doing the job.  I feel very thankful that they are giving him this opportunity.  My son has been trying for months to get a repair job.  Doesn’t have any experience, so of course it was hard for him to get his foot in the door. 

I had my menancing tooth pulled on Friday and finally got to sleep through the night.  How wonderful that was.  You never know how good sleep can be for you until you can’t sleep.  Lack of sleep makes for one cranky and irritable Mom and wife. 

So life is going well.  Need to get a client still with my Caregiver job.  Working with ServiceMaster has gotten me  a lot of extra hours, which I am so thankful for.  Been real busy lately, which is a blessing to be able to keep on working.  I’ve been very tired, but content.

So, I’ll say have a wonderful and blessed day, my friends.  Take care of yourselves and say a prayer for my son for him to do well, and for God to give him the confidence and peace to do well at his new job.  In His name, blessings to you all.


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