So here I am, waiting.  Waiting for all my background and driving checks to come back to my new job so they can make sure that I am safe.  Safe to enter into a stranger’s home and provide care for them.  I’m waiting.

I have been busy reading my training guides and learning online different ways to help seniors.  I’ve also been contemplating whether to go to college and get my nurse’s assistant certification.  My husband says I should wait and see if I actually like the job first before I commit to schooling.  I know that he’s right but I just want to jump right in and get it done. 

I’m looking forward to helping someone.  I’ve always felt called to help others and here is my chance.  A chance to make a difference in someone else’s life.  I hope and pray that I will do a good job for my clients and that they like me.  It’s important to me that we can bond.  But with that bond comes the heartache when that senior passes on. 

I’m ready, though, to begin this new chapter in my life.  Pray for me for wisdom and for strength and patience.  Just have to wait and see when I am called up to serve a client.  Waiting is hard.


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