Beginning Of A New Adventure

Okay, I’m pretty excited that I am beginning a new job next week as an in home caregiver for seniors.  I have always enjoyed the company of the elderly.  I delivered Meals-on-Meals in the past and developed some friendships with a few of the ladies, back when my kids were small.  They were very sweet and fun to listen to their stories. 

I think it is sad that too often seniors are taken advantage of when they are cared for by strangers, and possibly by family members too.  I’ve seen it in the news and in the papers how that happens.  They steal money from them, or their credit card info., and sometimes the seniors even pay with their lives.  It tears me up that a large portion of our population, fragile as they are, is taken advantage of.  People scam them over the phone, or come to their homes disguised as contractors, or from the utility company, etc..  And then they are out of a lot of money. 

So I am looking forward to being of great assistance to someone who wants to stay in their home as long as possible.  They should be able to stay in their homes if they are capable of being alone.  I want them to be safe.  I want them to enjoy whatever years that God has given to them.  I look forward to being a blessing to someone, to share my gift of compassion with another.  I am blessed and so thankful for this opportunity.  I’ll keep everyone posted on how the job goes.  Til next time, God bless and stay safe.


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