Another Summer Is Over

Well, I can’t say that I am a ‘summer’ person, but my heart does ache a bit when the sun begins to shine less brightly, and the windows have to be closed in the house because it gets too cold at night.  I love the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, but once they begin falling off of the trees and all that left of naked branches, that makes me sad.  I do not like weather extremes.  Not crazy about extreme heat or cold.  Would love to move down South where it is warm almost all year round.  Tennessee or Texas sound like two good choices to me. 

So here we are, stuck in the Midwest, with another winter season rolling in.  Okay, granted it is nice to have a little bit of snow, and I do emphasis little bit, around Christmas.  As it falls softly to the ground blanketing everything in a coat of white, I don’t mind if I’m sitting with my family, hot chocolate in hand, and feeling snug and content.  But having to drive in it is another story, of course.  But enough of me complaining.  Are there any others like me out there who are not found of the winter season? 

Yes, there a lot of people who enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, skating, and I can’t forget ice fishing.  I live near a lake and every winter I see them out there and for the life of me I cannot figure out how that is fun.  Sitting out in the cold, perhaps having a few beers, and waiting for the fish to bite just doesn’t seem like a very exciting way to spend a day out with the kids.  Where the bathroom?  That’s what I’d be asking after sitting out in the cold for a half hour.  Do you ice fish?  If so, please please please let me know what you are doing inside on of those little huts or why you would sit out on the ice on a plastic bucket for hours on end?  And how can you tell if the ice is still thick enough to hold all the weight of the ice fisherman? 

Well, anyway, I guess as long as I’m a Midwest gal I have to keep dealing with the sliding,and the shoveling, the cold cold hands and the heavy boots and jackets.  At least I have Springtime to look forward to.  And when it is 20 something degrees out and there’s about a foot of snow on the ground, believe you me I am sooo desperately waiting on Spring. 


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