30th High School Reunion

Okay.  Now that it’s over, I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I was pretty nervous as we were heading out to my high school reunion.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  You see, I was a loner in school; a misfit.  Very insecure in how I looked and dressed, I was notorious for keeping my head hanging low.  Terrible bout of low self-esteem, I wondered how I’d fare.  But it went very well.  My former classmates were very sweet, and kind. 

It was especially good seeing Irene and Jean from school.  They were always good friends and lots of fun.  We reminisced about our ‘glory days’ and about missing other friends who could not make it.  I really like those ladies and they made me feel comfortable right off the bat.  Since I really didn’t know many of the other people there, my family and I left about a half hour after my friends left. 

This was the first reunion I’ve attended and I’m glad that I went.  Lots of food and drinks.  Good conversation.  Took a bunch of photos that I put on our reunion web site.  So I feel better now that I went.  I was afraid that I’d revert back to my old high school self and let me tell you that would be a scary thing.  

After I graduated high school I wanted to return to a reunion perhaps famous and rich, having published a book.  I wanted to return a ‘somebody’.  That never materialized but I am happy where I am at today.  I have a wonderful husband, two great sons, and a home that I love in a community I enjoy living in.  Now, being older and wiser, I don’t need to be a ‘somebody’ to my former classmates.  I am finally satisfied with who I am, even if it isn’t being famous or rich or even a published writer.  Yet. 

So thank you Hoffman Estates Class of 1981 for opening my eyes to accept who I really am.  Not a wallflower or a loner, but a fellow traveller on life’s path with all of its ups and downs, hills and valleys, and joys and sorrows.  We are in this together.  Thanks for the memories and helping me become the person that I am today, even if it was a rough four years.  But, looking back, I am thankful for who I am today and who I will continue to be for years to come.      


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