Being Grateful

Looking back upon my 48 years of life thus far, there are so many things that I am grateful for.  My husband is my best friend.  We met after I placed an ad in a Chicago newspaper back in 1987.  He was one of my replies.  It’s a funny story how we met.  My husband had something that he was looking forward to on 8-7-87, calling it ‘Destiny Day’.  He told his mom that something big was going to happen that day that would change the rest of his life.  Wow, was he in for a surprise!

I, on the other hand, had dated someone about a year previously who had passed away in September 1986.  This man, unfortunately, was an alcoholic, and only 23 at time of his death.  In my sorrow, though we were no longer dating at his death, I prayed that God would send me someone else that I could help, since obviously I could not help this young man. 

So as you probably have already guessed, my letter to my future husband landed snugly in his mailbox on 8-7-87, his Destiny Day.  Enclosed with the letter was a not so flattering picture of myself.  Why I enclosed that photo, I’m not sure, but my now husband said that if it weren’t for Destiny Day he wasn’t sure if he would’ve called me.  Ah, God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?

And I did get a chance to help my husband with an addiction he struggled with, and God healed him from that.  Though it took many years, I hung in there and my husband put up with my emotional weepy-side, and we had two sons who are both young men now. 

So, you see, I am very grateful for how the Lord worked things out for the best.  I guess I can say, “He puts us through a test, and then works things out for the best.”  Thank you, Lord, for keeping Your eye on us and providing all that we need, not just what we think we need. 



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