Being There

Life comes at us fast.  One day everything seems normal, and the next moment hell can be breaking loose in our lives.  We can suddenly lose our job, our home, our spouse, our health…so many unexpected misfortune can bombard us at any given moment.  Scary.  But life was never meant to be soldiered on alone.  We need other people in our lives to help us get by.  Wasn’t it the Beatles who said something about getting by with a little help from our friends?  Sometimes it’s hard, though, to ask for any help.  In this computer age we seem to be drawer further and further apart from each other.

Back in the ‘old days’, families lived close by each other, or many times in the same house, or apartment building.  That’s what my parents did when my siblings and I were little. Help was basically around the corner or right downstairs.

But now we have distanced ourselves.  Almost as though we are each living in our own separate cocoon.  We may not think that we need other people.  We have been taught to be self-sufficient, independent, and self-reliant.  Then explain to me why there is such a raging amount of stress, and depression, and loneliness in this country.  I say we need to keep in close contact with those we love.  They can help keep us sane.  From going off the deep end!  I’ve personally gone through a lot of struggles in my past.  I thought that I could do it on my own.  But I was wrong.

Even doing a kindness for a complete stranger is in a way being there for them.  I held the door for a lady this morning at a local bookstore this morning and the first thing she started to say was, “Oh no” but was gracious enough to allow me.  Then she in turn held the next door for me and wished me a good day and I the same for her.  See?  That wasn’t so hard now was it?  Love others.  They need it so desperately.  People are hurting so much from being away from loved ones, from familiar surroundings, from life as they once knew it.  I don’t think people want to live in shells or cocoons.  They want to be free to express themselves as they are.  People do need people.

So what I guess I’m trying to say is, be good to one another.  Life is precious.  It is short, sometimes shorter than what we expected, either for ourselves or for those we love.  Tell them often that you love them.  Don’t wait to tell those whom you care about what they mean to you. Tomorrow may be too late.


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