Happy Birthday to me!  Ah yes, another year older but perhaps not much wiser.  Looking back over these forty eight years, I can honestly say that I have been blessed beyond my teenage yearnings.  I never thought that I’d find someone to marry.  I definitely didn’t think I’d become a mom.  When I was younger, I didn’t even want to have children.  I thought that I couldn’t bear the pain of childbirth.  But yet I did, twice.

Now I can’t say that life has always been an easy ride.  No.  It has not.  But probably a lot easier than many others.  I’ve always felt a twinge of guilt for having such a wonderful upbringing.  Loving parents, a warm home, great siblings(except for the occassional bickerings); but I have been blessed.  I have had my struggles in my past with addictions and with marital issues, but I survived them.  And they have made me even stronger.

But birthdays at my age don’t impress me as much anymore.  We really don’t do anything special, and that’s okay.  Now all that matters is being around my sons and my husband, spending time with them.  Perhaps that sounds a bit corny or old-fashioned, but that is what brings true joy to my heart now.  All the presents in the world cannot compete with spending time with my family.

So, what am I going to do for my birthday today?  My husband is home today so we will go out shopping together.  I had to work earlier and again this evening.  But again it’s okay.  I have a good long weekend together with them.  Pizza tomorrow because it’s too hot today to bake in the oven.  No cake.  Too fattening.  But there will be ice cream.  Probably Chocolate Chip-Cookie Dough, my favorite.  And I’ll probably eat the whole container too!  Ah, the joys of a birthday.  Now all I have to endure today, and for the next three weeks until my dear husband turns the same age, is “Boy are you old.  What does it feel like to be that old?”

So, another year older.  I think I’ll enjoy it however I decide to spend the day.  For I have been truly and richly blessed.    And Happy Birthday to everyone else celebrating a birthday today.  Remember your blessings and take time to enjoy yourself, whatever you decide to do.


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