The Lost Art of Letter Writing

I am a huge fan of writing, as you can tell by my blogs, and not only do I enjoy sending out cards and letters to friends and loved ones, I also love receiving them.  Something about a hand-written note from a friend or relative makes my day even better.  Seeing how their life is going and seeing their signature in their own unique handwriting makes me smile. 

Especially with my birthday coming up, I enjoy receiving birthday wishes.  As a child, I looked forward to those cards because most of them contained a check or cash and, as a child, I would dream about what I could do with all that free money.  But now being, ah, older, I am touched deeply by a simple card sent by mail.  It tells me that the person thought about me and remembered my special day.  It makes it even more important because I was actually born on my own mother’s birthday.  And to top it all off, I was actually born on Labor Day.  You can imagine the jokes the doctors told my poor, exhausted mother. 

But I digress…I even have three penpals that I’ve been writing to since Joshua was an infant.  Now he’s going on 16, so you can imagine how long I’ve been writing to these women.  These are ladies that I will probably never meet but I am thankful to be part of their lives through letters.  I can pray for them when their lives are going bad, I can cheer them up when they are down, and share in their joys and happiness when something great happens.  I’ve had penpals since I was a child watching a show on PBS called The Big Blue Marble.  Anyone remember that show?  They had a penpal exhange on that show and that’s how I got hooked.

And so I keep writing:  thank-you cards, sympathy cards, birthday cards, how-are-you-doing cards; any correspondence that I believe would brighten someone else’s day.  Because in this computer age when we sit infront of a screen and just type…well, like I’m doing now…a note is so much more intimate.  I love notes.  May I encourage you all to write a personal note to someone in your own life?  I’m sure hearing from you will definitely make their day!  Peace.


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