Our Family’s Day-cation

Yesterday the family and I went on a one-day excursion to Lake Geneva.  Oh, I love going there to bum around in the many fantastic tourist-traps, I mean, shops, that they have there.  T-shirts, shorts with cute sayings on them, summer dresses, jewelry.  And what did I come away with this time, you may ask?  Well, I picked up a…hamburger press.  Whoopee!  Couldn’t find one in Illinois so I had to go up to Wisconsin to find one.  Well, I guess I’d have to admit I didn’t try very hard to find one here.  But I digress…we had a great time walking around, well at least I did.  My family didn’t seem too keen on it but they did it for me.  Then we went to Jimmy John’s for lunch and then spent a couple hours on the beach.  I was too cold to dunk under but the water felt wonderful, especially after laying in the sun for a while. 

The guys played with a foam football that we purchased for .50 cents at a Lake Geneva church’s flea market we happened to stumble upon.  Lots of cute items and antiques.  So anyway, the guys played football in the water while I picked through small pretty pebbles in the water, and a few shells too.

Connie’s frozen pizza for dinner and then Roy and I went on a walk at dusk.  Just my guy and I.  We had a ‘campfire’ in our backyard and I enjoyed watching my boys roast hotdogs over it.  This was the first time either of them did something like that.  So that was our first ‘vacation’ that whole year.  But I was happy and content.  I got the chance to spend a beautiful day with my guys. 

I’m the type of person who just loves going for long drives through lush, green countrysides.  And Wisconsin has plenty of farms and rolling hills.  And their open landscape, with the exception of the ‘delightful’ cow farms, has some of the freshest air.  Well, to me anyway.  But I’m glad that we got away for at least one day this year.  

What are some of your favorite one-day excursions with either family or friends?  Maybe you’ll give me a great destination for next year.     


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