All in a Day’s Work

Ah.  Peace and quiet, for now.  My younger son returned to school this morning – a Sophomore – and my older son is at work.  So the house is quiet and I’m alone, except for the dog laying next to me.  No fights.  No video games or music blasting.  I can think clearly.  I can write without any interruptions. It’s almost too quiet.  No.  That’s silly.  How can the house be too quiet?  It’s only Joshua’s first day back at school.  I can’t already be missing him, can I?  

I thought when the boys got older, they would be best of friends.  Big mistake.  All they seem to do is argue.  The younger one tries to outpower the older one.  And it breaks my heart to see them this way.  My husband and I wanted the boys to close in age so they would have a close bond.  Only thing that seems to bond them together is blood.  They have the same parents.

I’ve been told that once they get into their twenties, that they will resume that brotherly love for each other that they seemed to have as young children.  Summertime is a strain when they are constantly bickering like an old married couple.  I want them to get along.  I want them to help each other achieve great things.  I want them to encourage one another, not tear each other down.

But all in all, I am blessed to be a Mom, to have two wonderful young men in my life to nurture and to love.  But I just really enjoy the solitude when no one is in the house.  Does that make me selfish?  It’s not that I want to always be alone.  I would begin to miss them after a few hours, I’m sure.    They do bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart.  I’ve been greatly blessed.  I lift a prayer to Heaven and thank God that He blessed me with two sons. 

Now as I finish up here and await the return of my older son from his job, I take a deep breath, relishing these moments.  I think I’ll get myself a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy the sounds of nature outside my open windows.  This is the life. 



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